Thursday, August 26, 2010

100+ People- Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of 100+ People That I'd Like to Meet. Today I'm going to focus on some "Internet Stars" that I'd like to meet

Internet Stars

These are a collection of Web personalities that I'd like to meet. Some of them are writers/bloggers and many have become good at marketing, promotion and other entrepreneur skills.

  • Pete Cashmere- Founder of Mashable, he has an insight in to emerging social media companies and trends that many people dream about having. He's on Twitter @ mashable, Facebook, MySpace, and just about any and every Social Media and Social Networking site that exists
  • Tina Su- Is the women behind ThinkSimpleNow. She introduced me to blog carnivals. She decided to follow the Tim Ferris idea of a mini retirement and spent several months touring India. Her about page is also an interesting read. She's on Twitter @ thinksimplenow, she is also in Facebook and several other Social Media/Networking sites
  • Arianna Huffington- The women behind The Huffington Post. The Huffington Post might not be the first internet newspaper, but it has certainly been groundbreaking. There are several twitter accounts for The Huffington Post, but the main one is huffingtonpost. She and the Huffington post have are active in Facebook and made it easy for you to "like" one of their stories and to comment on it via Facebook. There is a Wikipedia entry about her and one about the Huffington Post
  • Darren Rowse- The creator of ProBlogger and Twitips. He has to be one of the most successful bloggers out there! He is on Twitter @ problogger he is active in Facebook and other Social Media/Neworking sites (basically anywhere he can interact with his audience and readers) and he has a Wikipedia entry
  • Chris Brogan- Is one of those Social Media stars that many aspire to be. His blog is very popular. He is on Twitter @ chrisbrogan and he has a Wikipedia entry
  • Jeremiah Owyang- He is a partner at the Altimeter Group. His blog is widely followed within Social Media circles. He is on Twitter @ jowyang
  • Seth Godin- Is another of those Social Media stars that many aspire to be. He has a widely read blog. Seth recenty created a lot of buzz when he stated in an interview that he has given up on traditional book publishing because he doesn't believe it is worth the effort when he can reach more poeple via electronic means. He is on Twitter @ ThisIsSethsBlog and he has a Wikipedia entry
  • Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer- Are the women behind They have a lot of knowledge of Social Media within the world of Non-Profits and Charities. They're on Twitter @ maddiegrant & lindydreyer

Stay Tunned...

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Photo credit: "Cosmic" courtesy of ba1969.
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