Thursday, August 26, 2010

100+ People- Part 8

I've long had an interest in Politics and History. Today more than ever it seems that there is so much in the world that needs to be changed. I like to think that talking to some of these world leaders can make an impact. Can you imagine if we had more leaders that were honest, that we could really trust, and that really had the best interest of everyone in mind and acted on it? Disclaimer, inclusion on this list does not signify that I admire or endorse said person, only that they're someone that I'd like to meet.

World Leaders

  • Who wouldn't want to meet the President? Ok there are a few. Candidate Obama used Social Media like no other candidate before him. After his success with it, you suddenly found that many politicans realized that they needed to be in that space as well. He has a Wikipedia entry, a Twitter account, Facebook sites, and is probably in most any of the major Social Media sites out there.
  • German Chancellor Merkel is the first woment to be elected to the highest office in Germany. 30 years ago, probably nobody believed that a women in the DDR would aspire to this position! She has a Wikipedia entry, a Twitter account, and is on Facebook.
  • Some people would argue that Vladimir Putin is still running Russia, but I think that few people would doubt the influence that he holds. His Wikipedia entry can be found here.
  • I've love to get the insights of Mikhail Gorbachev on the Fall of the Soviet Union. His Wikipedia entry can be found here.
  • Nancy Pelosi is the current Speaker of the House and recognised leader of Democratic efforts in the House of Representatives. She has two offical web sites that I found (one at and the other at, her Wikipedia entry can be found here, she has two Twitter accounts that I found (NancyPelosi and SpeakerPelosi), and she is in Facebook.
  • Harry Reid is the current Majority Leader in the Senate. His Wikipedia entry can be found here, he has a Twitter account, and I believe that I've seen him in Facebook.
  • Newt Gingrich is the former Republican Speaker of the House and known for the "Contract With America". Although it is not offical yet, it seems a pretty good bet that he'll run for President in 2012. He has a Wikipedia entry and a Twitter account.
  • Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State under President Nixon. What insights he must have into foreign relations. I didn't run accross a Twitter account or Facebook site but he does have a Wikipedia entry.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most recognisable memebers of royalty around the world. To say that the world has changed a lot since she assended to the thrown would be a bit of an understantment. She has a Wikipedia entry and a Twitter account.
  • People will long remember that Nelson Mandela was in jail for 27 years and was the first South African President to be elected by a fully democratic nation. His Wikipediy entry can be found here.
  • Joseph Stiglitz won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001. He recently had an article in the Washington Post talking about the true cost of the war in Iraq. He has written several books on a variety of topics including globalization. He is currently a professor a Columbia University. His Wikipedia entry can be found here.

Stay Tuned

So far we've met some Internet Stars; Leaders in Motivation & Inspiration; Authors; Actors, Directors, and Comedians; Musicians; Athletes; Business Leaders and Pioneers; and World Leaders; who'll be next? Be sure to look for 100+ People That I Want to Meet Part 8 and the rest of the series and you can read the intro here. Feel free to subscribe to this blog via email or your rss reader, there are several options available in the upper righthand corner of this blog.

Photo credit: "Honest Abe" courtesy of bluepoetje.
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