Thursday, August 26, 2010

100+ People I'd Like to Meet Series

Have you ever given any thought to people that you'd like to meet? If you could meet any living person in the world who would you meet? I decided to put together a list of people that I'd like to meet.

My forth grade teacher, Mr. Hammond, had my class do some creative thinking and I remember him asking us to think about who we'd like to meet and why? This was limited to one person and actually he didn't put the limitation that the person had to be living (in fact he even encouraged us to pick a historical figure for one of the creative assignments, but that is a different post). A colleague of mine at work has a Tim Ferris quote from his 4 Hour Workweek book and in the chapter that it comes from, Tim Ferris talks about how he challenged some students that heard him speak to seek out some celebrity to interview. Thinking about these events motivated me to put together a list of people that I'd like to meet and my hope is that by publishing my list that it would help faciliate me meeting many of them.

Guidelines for my list

Everyone on the list has excelled at one thing or another and I believe that there is something that I could learn from them. The goal with every person is to meet them in person where I could talk to them for at least 5 minutes (of course longer would be better but they're all busy people so they probably won't have a day or a week to spend with me to give me their insights on life!) This means that I'm looking for more than a handshake or a photo opportunity. I'm looking for the chance to ask some questions and to be able to interact with them. The list is not by any means everone that I'd like to meet, nor is everyone that I admire on this list (that would be another post) and although I have done some categorization, I didn't put any real priority into the order that the names appear.

Stay Tuned

Look in this space for the rest of the series. I'll post links to the articles below as they're published.

Photo credit: "Mount Rushmore 02" courtesy of rweller
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