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100+ People- Part 4

In Part 3 of the 100+ People That I'd Lket to Meet, I list some Actors, Directors, and Comedians. Actors give life to the written words of authors and screenwriters, the good ones have you believing that they are the character they're portraying. Directors have to have a vision of how the piece should look, because stories don't just jump from paper to the movie or television screen or even the stage. Some actors have been able to able to become successful directors. Who doesn't like to laugh? Some commedians have been successful actors, while other have hosted daily (or nightly) television shows.

Actors, Directors, and Comedians

  • William Shatner- Captain Kirk of Star Trek (the original series) and pitchman extordinaire. He has a MySpace site, he is on Twitter @ WilliamShatner, and his Wikipedia entry is here.
  • Sir Patrick Stewart- Captain Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A Shakespearian actor, star of many movies, and recently knighted. I didn't find an official website or Twitter account but here is his Wikipedia entry.
  • Robert Dinero- He has appeared in so many movies that you're bound to have seem him in at least one movie. I didn't find a Twitter account or official website but you can check out his IMDb biography or Wikipedia entry.
  • Robert Redford- World famous actor, director, and the man behind the Sundance Film Festival. His Sundance Institute can be found here. There appears to be a Twitter account set up but it doesn't really seem to be off the ground yet.
  • Clint Eastwood- World famous actor and director. You've probably seen one of his Westerns or Dirty Harry movies. I didn't find any official websites or a Twitter account, but you can read his Wikipedia entry.
  • James Cameron- World famous director has brought us the Terminator, Aliens, Titanic, and most recently Avatar. I didn't find an official website or Twitter account, but you can read his Wikipedia entry.
  • George Lucas- The man that created of Star Wars world and Indiana Jones. He brought us THX sound and ILM. His website is . I didn't find a Twitter account for him, but you can read his Wikipedia entry.
  • Steven Spielberg- Director and Producer, with ET, the Back to Future Series, Indiana Jones, and a ton of other movies, you've probably seen one of his movies. He is one of the founders Dreamworks SKG. I didn't find a Twitter account, but his Wikipedia entry can be found here.
  • Michael Moore- He is a controversial director of documentaries.He has managed to make this film genre more accessible to the normal person, where more people are likely to watch a documentary and how many would be film makers have been inspired by his success in the genre? His website is here and he is on Twitter @ MMFlint.
  • Tom Hanks- I've been a fan of his since I first watched him in the TV series Bosom Buddies. He has been referred to as the Jimmy Stewart, the everyman of the current actors. I didn't find him on Twitter, but you can find his Wikipedia entry here.
  • Robin Williams- I remember first seeing him as Mork from Ork on Happy Days and then with his own series. He has been in some amazing movies and people forget how funny he is and has been. I didn't find a Twitter account, but did find a Wikipedia entry on him.
  • Michael J. Fox- You might have seen him in the TV series Family Ties or Spin City. I recently re-watched him in the Back to the Future trilogy. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1991 and his foundation has funded more than $179 million in research. I didn't find an official account on Twitter but you can read about him at Wikipedia.
  • Bill Cosby- He has proven time and again that comedy doesn't need to be vulgar or obscene. There is a good chance that you might have seen an episode or more from one of the televisions series bearing his name. Maybe you've seen him in the television series ISpy. He's also done several memorable spots for Jello. His Wikipedia entry can be found here.
  • David Letterman- Not everyone likes his sense of humor, but you have to give him credit for longevity. He has been a staple of late night televisons for decades, with his show airing nightly. He might not have invented the Top Ten list but he sure did make it a popular item that has been adopted by countless people in all kinds of ways and venues. His show's website can be found on the CBS website and his Wikipedia entry can be found here.
  • Jerry Seinfeld- Have you ever seen an episode of the Seinfeld television series, it was part of NBC's "Must See TV" on Thursday night for nearly a decade. The show has often been referred to as the show about nothing, but a lot of people tuned in week after week to watch. His Wikipedia entry can be found here.

Stay Tuned

So far we've met some Internet Stars; Leaders in Motivation & Inspiration; Authors; Actors, Directors, and Comedians, who'll be next? Be sure to look for 100+ People That I Want to Meet Part 5 and the rest of the series and you can read the intro here. Feel free to subscribe to this blog via email or your rss reader, there are several options available in the upper righthand corner of this blog.

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