Saturday, February 28, 2009

The February Edition of the Family Life Blog Carnival Part 2

We were flooded with submissions for the February edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival, so we decided to have a second part to that edition. You can find part 1 here. It is so good to see so many people participating! The next edition is currently planned for March 16th, so feel free to make suggestions about what you'd like to see or to submit articles.

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Carnival of Financial Goals presents WTDirect Review | Cash Money Life posted at Cash Money Life, saying, "Every family needs a high interest savings account - and WTDirect offers some of the highest rates in the nation."

Patrick @ Military Money presents Free Tax Preparation for Military Members posted at Military Finance Network, saying, "Military members are eligible for free tax preparation through their base services or through some commercial tax preparation companies."

Raily Arena presents Tips To Get You Started On Selling Your Home posted at How to Sell Your Own Home.

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Concerning Kids presents Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night posted at Concerning Kids.

Lisa Mitchell presents Teaching Your Children About Money posted at Let's Talk Babies.

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Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents How to Save Money on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rates posted at Cash Money Life, saying, "Tips on how to save money on your homeowner’s insurance rates."

Patrick @ Money Saving Deals presents 50 Free Photo Prints at SnapFish posted at Cash Money Life Deals, saying, "50 Free Photo Prints at SnapFish - Available to new customers!"

Lauren Rose presents Never Use Copy Paste for Your Credit Card Number and Internet Explorer | No Debt Anymore .org posted at No Debt Anymore .org, saying, "Under certain circumstances, your clipboard contents from a copy and paste command can be stolen from the Internet. And that includes your credit card number!"

Wenchypoo presents Rethink the Value of College posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Wenchypoo presents When Nutrition and Need Collide posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

BankMan presents Why You Need a High Yield Savings Account posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, "Everyone needs a high yield savings account to maximize their savings returns, earn more interest, and stash their cash for a rainy day."

Heather Levin presents Coupons For Organic Food and Eco-Friendly Products posted at The Greenest Dollar.

Woman Tribune presents Living Off of Your Credit Cards posted at Woman Tribune.

Victoria presents DIY Taxes posted at Turbo-Mom's Guide to Saving Money Without Wasting Time, saying, "Pitfalls of DIY Tax Software"

julie presents A Tip for Planning Thrifty Shopping Trips posted at Thrifty Frugality, saying, "An easy way to save money on your regular shopping trips. Thrifty and organized!"

FIRE Getters presents Smart Refrigeration Lowers Electricity Bill posted at FIRE Finance.

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Len Penzo presents Plan Dinner Menus In Advance to Save Big Money posted at Len Penzo.Com, saying, "Just make sure you involve the kids in this activity. So, who wants spaghetti tacos!? :-)"

The Investor presents 10 reasons to be cheerful as an investor posted at, saying, "We've been hit with a lot of bad news in 2008 and 2009 hasn't started much better. But families investing for their long-term future have reasons to be cheerful as well as much to fear this year..."

The Shark Investor presents Strategies For Raising Funds: Saving posted at The Shark Investor.

Raily Arena presents Why Making Money Online is NOT so Easy posted at Make Money Easy Online.

Julie Guarnizo presents Beef Up Your Piggy: What To Do When a Relative is a Financial Train Wreck posted at Beef Up Your Piggy, saying, "An article relating to helping a parent in a dire financial situation."

David presents The Business of Banking posted at Personal Finance Ology, saying, "The differences between banking institutions are subtle and have become blurred with the deregulation of the banking industry. Discover the differences between banks and decide which is right for you."

Piotr Stepien presents Visualization Trial posted at we overstep, saying, "Summary of my recent 30 day trial. Use it for making money and bringing peace in your family."

Piotr Stepien presents Money Free World posted at we overstep, saying, "It is good to have money but it is better not to have it at all. Surprised? Read the whole story."

Josanne Anthony presents Money I'm Entitled To Throw Away posted at Brilliant Babblings.

Jacquelyn presents Easy Ways to Save Money posted at - Wise Parenting Guide, saying, "Learn about practical money tips and ideas to save money extracted from the free ebook offered at"

Stephanie Ann presents Improve you Finances While You Wait posted at The Cheap Diva.

Pinyo presents Life Insurance and Medical Information Bureau (MIB) posted at Moolanomy.

Brian McKay presents What's in the Stimulus Bill for You? posted at, saying, "We have listed all the benefits for individuals in President Obama's stimulus bill that was just passed."

This concludes Part 2 of The February Edition of The Family Life blog Carnival. The next edition is currently planned for March 16th. You can submit your blog article to the March edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival by using our Submit an entry form to “The Family Life Blog Carnival”. Past posts and future editions can be found on our Blog Carnival index for “The Family Life Blog Carnival” page.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remember Katrina's Victims As You Celebrate Fat Tuesday

Many of us will be celebrating Fat Tuesday soon and I remembered how devastated New Orleans (and much of the Gulf region of the well) had been left by Hurricane Katrina. It occurred to me that we should all take a few moments out of our celebrations to remember the victims of that awful hurricane.

Why not make a donnation to the Red Cross or United Way in honor of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the city of New Orleans? If you don't have any money to spare maybe you could donate blood as it is almost always needed. you could also donate clothes and maybe some canned goods.

Why not make remembering Hurricane Katrina part of your Fat Tuesday/Carnival/ Mardi gras celebrations and have fun while helping out others.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do You Have A Broken List?

Have you ever had something break on you and then had to rush out to get it repaired or buy a replacement? Since most everything is throw away today, that is that it is cheaper to buy a new one than to get it fixed, chances are you'll be replacing many things in the next few years, so why not start thinking about some of the things that you'll need to replace. The idea is that you keep track of the features that you'd like to have in your next model, so that you're ready to buy it when you need to replace the current model.

My beard trimmer has been acting up and this reminded me of the this idea I first heard from Merlin Mann in a podcast that he did "A Phone Made of Human Ass" (you can find it at Podcast Alley). Merlin Mann is the man behind 43Folders. Because my beard trimmer isn't holding a charge very long now, I'm afraid that its days are numbered and I'll have to replace it soon.

The idea is to look at the items that you currently have and will need to replace in the near future. You should note any features that the current device doesn't have that you would like or think that you need. You might start looking at various models and brands so that you could buy the replacement tomorrow, next week, next year, or whenever you need to replace it. You can also note the features and functions that annoy you so that you don't have to deal with those annoyances again. This is something you might want to add to your GTD Lists, so that you can keep track of it.

So when your cell phone dies, if you have a broken or replacement list, you know which one you'll replace it with and you're more likely to be happy because your new phone is more likely to do what you want it to do because you've give its purchase some thought. Are you keeping a broken/replacement list?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Using Multiple Inboxes in Gmail?

Do you have one or more gmail accounts? I discovered multiple inboxes last week and am really enjoying it. Setting this up allows you to have a view of your inbox, drafts, and various labels that you can select in a quick view.

To set it up you'll need to "enable" the Labs tab from "Settings". It is pretty far down the list of options, more towards the end. Pane 0 and I are your "starred" and "drafts" are in by default, while Panes 2-4 are open and you can add whichever of your labels that you'd like to see in your multiple inboxes. The box after "Pane" should start with "is:" followed by what you want to be displayed, so you'll want to make sure that it matches the "labels" that you want to be displayed.

Some of you might wonder what "Labels" are? Gmail doesn't have folders but offer "Labels" instead. If you have a type of email, from one person or organization, or a theme, then a label would help you keep it organzied and aid in finding it later. On the left side of gmail, just below "Contacts", you'll find your "Labels". You can select "Edit labels" from there to create and edit them or you can select "Labels" from your settings.

So now that you've set up multiple inboxes you can see your inbox, drafted emails, starred emails, and some of your "Labels", you can see your email in a glance. Have fun. What other goodies are making use of from gmail?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Rules for CEOs

Executive pay is a topic du jour with all of those companies taking public money to "survive", but public desire to curb it has been brewing for a while. I've been thinking about this for while now and thought that we really need some new rules about executive compensation and engagement, so here they are.

  1. You are stewards of your company. You've been entrusted as stewards of your company to look after its entire well-being, you need to look after the shareholders (many of whom are employees), and the employees, as well as making your bottom-line look good.
  2. Focus on the long-run. You can lead the company to a bright future, if you can battle the stormy seas today. Don't fall to Wall Street pressure for quarterly results if it will hurt the long run viability of the company
  3. The buck stops here. Don't let management throw their ethics out the window.
  4. Listen to the employees. They do the work and know the company, they have lots of ideas of how to improve things and want the company to succeed. Isn't that what management wants afterall?
  5. Don't do things because your competitors are doing them. I have heard the argument made so often that companies have to do this and that because their competition does it. You can lead, you can do things differently and market it as such. Did your parents always ask you if your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too?
  6. Focus on quality over being cheap. Trying to do things to make things cheaper is often easy to do but once you've positioned yourself as the low-cost leader in your industry, you get yourself in the position of having to constantly reduce costs and be cheaper still. Wouldn't you rather be the company that others look to wishing to emulate? Wouldn't it be great to be able to say that "I work for this company" have have a huge feeling of pride!
  7. Your company needs to think globally but act locally and be good corporate citizens of world. If you pollute in a country that is happy to get your business, you're still polluting. Why not make your company greener and work on leaving the planet better than we found it? Don't take tax incentives to move a factory or plant and then move again when the tax incentives are up. That local community made those allowances hoping that you'd stay and help that community to prosper through local employment and the tax base that they would eventually see. Many smaller towns are totally dependent upon one or two companies and are devistated when that company closes or moves.
  8. Remember that the bottom line is more than the botton line. Why not grow your business to match the number of employees you have instead of getting rid of people? Be creative and innovative. Anyone can fire people or relocate to cut costs. Think beyond the "normal" fast and easy solutions
  9. In our trying economic times, think of ways that you can hire more people instead of adding to the unemployment lines. If you truly need to make people redundant, maybe you can hold off for a while, but this should be a last resort, not a first step.
  10. Lead by example. If you're asking your employees to take pay cuts, you should be willing to do the same. Your employees are more than a "liability", everyone's cost of living goes up and many of them are struggling to live on the money they make now, how are they supposed to get by with less? If you put excessive travel and expense restrictions on the employees trying to do their jobs, you shouldn't be living high on the hog, entertaining would-be clients,upper management, and family.
  11. There should be no incentive or targets to get rid of people. If you have to lay off 1000 people (or you choose to do so without really needing to for that matter), you should not get any bonus for doing this. How are those 1000 people going to find new jobs, pay their bills, and feed their families, are you willing to share your bonus with them. If the company is doing poorly do you deserve a bonus just because you can have one? Do you feel proud about taking it? Did you truly earn it?
On a personal note, my company was bought by another large global company last year and we're in the process of realizing the "promised" synergy that is always sold with these deals, so my future with the company (as well as my co-workers), is being decided as I write this.

I do hope that our world's CEOs will see these rules and be compelled to act for the greater good of their companies, employees, localities, and the the world. Lee Iaccoca worked for $1 when Chrysler received government help. He engaged the employees of the company and they turned things around (too bad that leadership afterwards seem to have lost sight of their stewardship role!). I believe that he received stock as compensation, so he didn't starve, but his leadership is legendary, something that should be strived for by others. Sure CEOs and executives should be compensated but it is time to show some true responsibility and be stewards of your company.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival- Part One

Welcome to the February Edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival. There a wide variety of articles this month and we're pleased with the great response that we've had in submissions. I don't know the number of submissions that I received but it was over 100. I"ll be running a part two to February's edition due to the large number of submissions that I received, so stay tuned! I was please to see some nice activities that can be done with our kids in this edition. There are some articles about Weddings and Divorce in this issue but because the nuclear family doesn't apply to many families today, it made sense to do so. The next edition regular edition is planned for middle of March. If you have any suggestions for things that you'd like to read about or any other input, feel free to leave a comment.

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This concludes this edition. Stay tuned for a second part of this blog carnival. You can submit your blog article to the March edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival by using our Submit an entry form to “The Family Life Blog Carnival”. Past posts and future editions can be found on our...

Blog Carnival index for “The Family Life Blog Carnival” page.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Next Edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival Delayed

I've been busy putting the next edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival together and I won't be able to publish it on the originally planned date of February 16th (at least not within my time zone that is). I hope to tie things up and publish it tomorrow. Till then.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Suggestions for the Romantically Challenged

So for many couples Saturday (Valentine's Day) is coming up soon. I know that there are a lot of guys out there (maybe some girls as well?) that are romantically challenged and will be scratching there heads about what to get their sweety for the big day. A little while ago I asked the readers about what their suggestions were, so here they are along with some of my own.

Alan Roberta suggest some nice craft projects including a picture frame that you make yourself. Another reader had a suggestion of a gourmet gift basket from gift-baskets-4u. The Dating Papers had their own Love Hack,which included a silly gift, sending/giving half of a note (the remaining half to be done later), and some other neat ideas that aren't too expensive. Thanks to DesignPepper for turning me on to that last one!

While chocolate and flowers are going to be welcome by many women, what they want to see more is that you thought about them and how much them mean to you. As the expression goes, its the thought that counts and just a little bit of thought can really brighten up their day. Here are some other ideas...

  • Be creative- write a poem about your love for your sweety, write a song, or maybe draw a picture of them or the two of you together
  • Be creative (part 2) burn a CD (or fill their iPod) with their favorite songs or songs that mean something to the two of you as a couple. You could make your own liner notes saying what you think each song means to them or what it means to the two of you
  • Give a puppy/kitten/other pet- because a pet is such a personal thing, I suggest giving a stuffed animal version of what you plan to give, with a note that the two of you will select it together. Maybe you can later pick up an animal from a local animal shettler later
  • Take them to their favorite restuarant- but don't do it on Valentine's Day, this is a big day for people dining out and you're not too likely to get that romantic feeling in a huge crowd. Promise to go on another day, perferably at off-times when the you have the restuarant practically to yourself (maybe you can even arrange this)
  • Buy them a massage- or some other way that they can feel pampered
  • Write a little story about how the two of you met and how this has changed your life.
  • If you're a busy person who's cell phone is always going off when you're together, turn if off, at least for a few hours, make your sweety feel like they are the center of your world
  • Cook them a meal. I know that many of us aren't good cooks, so maybe make something simple and try to dress things up. You could lite some candles, decorate the table nicely, play some romantic music or something that you know that they like
  • Take a nice walk in a scenic place. Go to the park, in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains, some where that nature provides a nice backdrop
  • Spend the night at a nice hotel. You don't have to go to an expensive one, but just something out of the ordinary, maybe even a nice bed and breakfast
  • Go for a drive. Pick a destination where you can enjoy the scenary along the way
  • Do an activity that you both enjoy but don't do that often or just make something you enjoy doing special. If you both like to go bowling why not have them make a nice announcement over the loadspeakers. Be creative
  • Watch a movie that you both love together, or a favorite of their's (especially if it is one that you don't like that much, by accomodating a little you can really set the mood). You could also select a movie that will put you both in a particlar mood (happy, sad, grateful for each other, you pick)
  • Propose- I'm not suggesting that you do this just to do, it should be something that you want to do and that you think that your sweety wants as well. A Valentine's proposal can be very memorable.
  • Tell them that you love them and how much richer you are with them in your life.
So I hope that your creative juices are flowing now and you have an idea of what you're going to do for Valentine's Day. I hope that everyone has a great Valentine's Day. Do you have any other suggestions, feel free to write about them in the comments.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10th Edition of The Better Life Blog Carnival

Welcome to the first edition of The Better Life Blog Carnival. We hope that you find some articles here that interest you. There is a wide variety of articles aimed at helping you to have a better life, regardless of if you're raising a family, single, rich, or living paycheck to paycheck. The next issue is planned for March 9th. Feel free to submit articles for the next edition or if you have some topics that you'd like to see written about please tell us about it in the comments.

Praveen presents
Tao of Simplicity: 100 Ways to Simplify and Slow Down Your Life
posted at Tao of Simplicity.

Savings Toolbox presents

Reducing What You Waste Will Save Some Cash posted at Savings Toolbox.

DebbieDragon presents
11 Tips for a Successful Home-Based Business
posted at Empowering Mom. presents

Is Credit Card Insurance a Scam? posted at Credit Cards Blog |

Deposit Accounts presents
Top 10 Free Online Money Management Tools
posted at The Money Blog.

Broderick Allen presents
Suspend Disbelief
posted at Broderick Allen - Personal Growth and Enjoying Life's Journey.

Tiffany Washko presents
Save Money on Healthy Organic Foods
posted at Natural Family Living Blog.

Heather Johnson presents

50 Free Online Tools to Discover Your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Hidden Talents posted at Best Universities.

Travel Advocate presents
Air Safety Awareness Heightened Resulting from US Airways Miracle Landing
posted at The Travel Advocate.

Debt Free Destiny presents
5 Ways to Save With Your Bank
posted at Debt Free Destiny.

Destroy Debt presents
It's No Secret Keeping Money Secrets From Your Partner is Not the Ideal Way to maintain a Relationship
posted at Destroy Debt.

Deposit Accounts presents
Money Management During a Recession
posted at Deposit Accounts.

Erika Collin presents
100 Fabulous iPhone Apps for Your Health and Fitness
posted at U.S. PharmD.

Matthew Paulson presents
Tools For Managing Your Home
posted at American Consumer News.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents
How to Compare Mortgage Rates Online
posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Travel Advocate presents
Top Snow Tubing Travel Destinations Revealed
posted at The Travel Advocate.

Deposit Accounts

Savings Accounts for Children posted at Deposit Accounts.

DebbieDragon presents
Win a House in Hawaii Essay Contest
posted at Empowering Mom. presents
Credit Card Habits and the Recession
posted at Credit Cards Blog |

Tisha Tolar presents
Work at Home Discipline: Find Some
posted at Empowering Mom.

DebbieDragon presents
Things to Think About When Setting Your Prices posted at Freelance Sprout.


Joanne presents
Supplies For Homemade Gift Baskets
posted at Homemade Gift Baskets.

Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice) presents
14 Home DIYs Every Homemaker Needs to Know
posted at Homemaker Barbi, saying, ""Not only does being self-sufficient give you a good feeling from knowing that you can take care of your home’s preventive maintenance as well as being able to fix problems should an emergency arise, but DIYs also have an added financial bonus."

Frugal Living

Richer Richard presents
Make The Switch! Save Money Going Green by Buying Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL)
posted at Richer Richard, saying, "A detailed calculation of how much money I would save a year if I switched every incandescent light bulb to a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) and how it betters the environment consequently."

Condo Blues presents
How to Get Three Meals from Leftover and Seemingly Stripped Turkey Bones
posted at Condo Blues.

Ms. Smarty Pants presents
The 2008 Netflix Cost-Analysis Breakdown posted at Ms. Smarty Pants Know It All, saying, "The Netflix service saves me money and simplifies my life."

Carole DeJarnatt presents
Raising Baby Chickens in Florida
posted at Fowl Visions.

Mike King presents
Simplify Your Life and Mind
posted at Learn This.

makingthishome presents
English Magazines Offer a Glimpse Behind the Clouds
posted at Making This Home, saying, "Thank you for hosting. Hope my discovery in the meaning of books in our lives is of interest"

Amanda CMJ presents
Monday Morning Memo #4: Inexpensive Ways to Make Birthdays Memorable
posted at Extra (Hour)dinary Parenting, saying, "Thanks for the chance to participate. Hope you enjoy this!"

Joe Manausa presents
Tallahassee Foreclosure Report | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog
posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "There is plenty of news in the national media about foreclosures. From everything that I have read, I suspect for every 100 foreclosures that have and will hit the real estate market during our current housing crisis, we have only seen 2 or 3. The bulk of the foreclosures have yet to hit the market."

Vihar Sheth presents
Convenience Over Conscience? posted at Vihar Sheth.

Abigail Perry presents
February 15th: The frugalist's Valentine's Day
posted at i pick up pennies, saying, "Reasons to take a new perspective on Valentine's Day."

NetBiz presents
Free Home Budget Software For Beginners | Free Money Management Programs
posted at Money Galaxy - Make Money | Save Money | Invest Money.


Broderick Allen

Personal Development for Smart People posted at Broderick Allen - Personal Growth and Enjoying Life's Journey.

Relax presents
“Bad people” are everywhere, maybe not!
posted at The Wise Curve, saying, "You can live on the wise curve if you choose to improve your soft skills and interact with others positively. It’s also good to learn to tolerate all kinds of people and accept that people are diverse"

Jim Jackson

Choosing Your 2009 Outcomes posted at The Harley Attitude Blog.

Peak Personal Finance presents
New Credit Card Laws Will Give Consumers a Break
posted at Peak Personal Finance.

Finance Tips 101 presents
Credit Card Debt It Is Not Always Your Fault
posted at Finance Tips 101.

Karen S Murphy presents
The Lesson of Perfection
posted at Polaris Rising, saying, "I have a confession to make: I'm not perfect. For that matter, neither are you. I'm totally okay with your non-perfection, and in fact I see perfection in your non-perfection—the very humanness that makes you the unique and loving person that is YOU. But in me it's another matter. I "should" be perfect...NOT!"


Playing Is Happiness posted at axel g.

Relax presents
How I overcome my fear instantly
posted at The Wise Curve, saying, "I was experiencing fear, and I was aware of it. I identified the fear stimulus, and I should overwrite the fear by creating new memory that counters it."


Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package? posted at Money Blue Book.

Finance Tips 101 presents
The Pros And Cons Of Personal Loans posted at Finance Tips 101.

Jon Beebe presents
Personal Advancement
posted at Blog, saying, "Advice On How To Advance Your Life From It's Current State." presents
Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 11: Chothavilai Beach or Sothavilai Beach: Part 1
posted at

Asheesh presents
Chinese Astrology Years - Chinese Astrology - Animal Zodiac
posted at My Free Horoscopes, saying, "Chinese Astrology years are named after one of the twelve animals featured in Chinese astrology. Chinese astrology years are devoted to the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey,"

Ozone presents

Guest Commentary from the Aussie Millions
posted at Online Poker Strategy saying, "Commentary about several poker events during the Aussie Millions poker tournament"

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Blog Carnival to be published Tomorrow

I just wanted to announce that The Better Life Blog Carnival scheduled for today is now planned for tomorrow due to an illness in the family. I didn't have time to put the post together this morning, so I hope to do this tomorrow. At the moment the illness doesn't look to serious, but you do always worry when your kids are sick. Please check back tomorrow for the blog carnival, or maybe you can subscribe to the blog, so that you don't miss a post.


Friday, February 6, 2009

What Are Your Valentine Gift Ideas For The Romantically Challenged

As Valentine's Day approaches I know that many of us are wondering what we should get our Sweeties for this day? I know that some of us talk about how this is just another Hallmark holiday, created only to sell more greating cards, candy, flowers, and other trinkets, while that might be all very well and fine, if you forget you Sweetie on Valentine's day you're likely to end up in the dog house. If you do something memorable, you can make their day and wouldn't you rather do that?

Gifts don't have to always be expensive some of the best gifts are ones that you made yourself. The gift needs to show that you thought about person. Besides the obvious gifts that you can buy, you could go out for a nice dinner or just do something nice where you spend some quality time together.

I know that there are a lot of us who are romantically challenged, so I'd like to ask the creative people out there about Valentine ideas. Think it over and add your comment. Ideally it would be great to have a bunch of ideas a few days before Valentine's Day, so that our romantically challenged have time to make the necessary arrangements. I'll post a follow up article with some of more interesting ideas next week. So let's get creative.

Photo credit: Love Box courtesy of djayo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Having Fun on

I recently noticed a lot of music being "blipped' on Twitter and decided to check it out. You could call a social internet radio station but it is so much more.

As long as I can remember I've been a huge music fan. I'd always ask what song was playing on the radio and who was playing it. Over the years I've built up a large CD collection and converted much of it to MP3s for portability. One of the joys of music is finding people that like the same songs, artists, and types of music and being able to compare notes. Your friends can introduce you to music you might never have heard before. I remember as a kid I went over to visit a friend that had a large LP collection and we'd play music for hours talking about bands and music and other young boy stuff. brings that social aspect to the internet allowing you to create your own radio station built on your own playlists.

On Twitter, you might have noticed a "tweet" like the one pictured just above this. This is a song that has been "bliped" on and using API integration to Twitter was "tweeted". A DJ, in this case Dave Malby. has selected this song from Heart to broadcast. A great way to find music that you might want to hear is by looking through what other "DJ"s have "blipped" or by looking through their "playlist". The "playlist" is what you would think it is, that is a bunch of saved or favorite songs by the "DJ"s. You can also seach by artists and song titles to find songs that you can listen to.

Above you can see a portion of my profile The country where the "DJ" is located is listed as well as the number of "props" that they've received and that they have left to give as well as their website (if you have one to list). Props are a way of showing support for DJs, kind of saying I like the song that you "bliped" or that you have in your "Playlist". You can earn these by blipping songs or by others giving you props or reblipping songs that you've blipped or saved to your playlist.

Above is the lower part of my profile box. You'll notice that it shows the number of songs in my "Playlist", "Blips" that I've made, "Replies" that have been made to blips I've made, number of "Props" I've received, "Favorite DJs", and "Listeners". "Favorite DJs" are other users that you've decided to follow. "Listeners" are thouse that have decided to follow you. When you "Listen" to someone anytime that they blip a song it shows up on your homepage.

Above you can see a blip that was recently on my homepage from vaniakg for a song from Slumdog Millionaire. The "DJ"s profile picture is displayed you can also choose to play the song (in this picture pause is displayed because I was listening to it when I did the screen capture). In the lower right hand corner you'll notice 4 different symbols. The circular one allows you to "reblip" the song, the start adds it to your playlist, the plus sing allows you to bookmark it to the various sites that you've set up with, and the thumbs up allows you to give "Props" to that "DJ".

If you decide to integrate it with Twitter, whenever you "Blip" a song it will appear as a "Tweet". It is a nice way to share songs that you're listening to or that have had an impact on you. So that you don't scare people away, you might not want all of your "Blips" to appear on Twitter. You can stop "Blips" from going to Twitter by putting an "!" following by a space before you write the text for your "Blip". It will then show up as a blip, but won't be tweeted on Twitter and the "!" won't show up in your blip. You can always reblip it later at a more appropriate time. This can also save you the embarassment of those silly songs that some of us like but don't want the world know about!

You can use the search box (screenshot above) to find a song or artist. After you "Blip" a song you'll find other "DJ"s that have blipped that song or other songs by that artist or similar songs. You can then check out their profile to see what else they have blipped and songs are in their "Playlist". If you like them you can become a "Listener".

Here are a couple articles about as well as their FAQ page, and blog:

I hope to see you at Feel free to "listen" to me if you like some of the music that I have "blipped" or that is on my playlist. Pump up the volume.

Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Things The NFL Has Taught Us

Super Bowl XLIII is now history. While it was an exciting game (especially the last few minutes) it goes to show that the N.F.L. has taught us some things.

  • Its not over till its over. When your goal is in sight do not let up and watch it slip away.
  • Even talented people need luck to succeed. Sometimes a little luck can catapult your success.
  • You have to manage your clock or it will manage you. In American football if the game is close, and you manage the clock properly, you can still win, but if you don't manage the clock properly, those close games will often be lost.
  • Be strong in the basics. When you're playing a good game and not being sloppy you can succeed, but if you get sloppy, it'll be that much harder to succeed.
  • The little guys can win. The Green Bay Packers are one of the smaller N.F.L. markets but they've managed to not get left in the dust by the larger television market teams and have won a few Super Bowls. They're a community owned team, so they can't be moved by a greedy owner looking for a better stadium deal. In business most of the big guys started out at little guys. Sometimes they need to be knocked down a notch or two by an upstart with a new idea or two.
  • A bonus lesson. If you know what you're going to do, you can run the no-huddle offense.
Sports can teach us some valuable lessons. Are there any lessons that you've learned from the N.F.L.?

Photo credit: Passing the Ball courtesy of mrwrite.