Sunday, August 23, 2009

2000 Listeners on

I recently paced 2,000 listeners at and thought that I'd take a moment or two to thank the DJ/listeners that helped me get there.

While my twitter numbers fluctuate and I'll see a lot of adds and drops shortly afterwards (I attribute this to the get 5 million followers on Twitter in one week type of programs that are all over the place at the moment) my listeners have consistently grown. I've enjoyed since joining in February this year.  I did an 80's Party and have written about Having Fun On between my blogs.  I've played a bunch of different themed music from time to time including a tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the Moonwalk, Michael Jackson's death, a tribute the electric guitar creator Les Paul featuring some guitar greats, and many other themes.  Last weekend I went to Dresden, Erfurt, Weimar, and Meissen and I created a couple of slideshows of my pictures but didn't post the slideshows to Youtube because of concerns that the music or the slideshows might get yanked, but I thought that I'd blip the songs played with the slide shows so you can get an idea of what the slideshows look and sound like.  Look for a post about the trip and more information about this Blip event at the DC Heron Family Blog.

I want to thank all those people that have decided to become listeners and all those who have rebipped me or given me props.  Twitter has its #followfriday, so here are some of my listeners/my favorite djs that you might want to check out and think about adding.  

I discovered Dave_Malby tweeting his blips on twitter.  He had a lot of followers on twitter and he has a lot of listeners on BarbieRay is a huge Stevie Ray Vaughn and blues fan. Of course, 1980s, likes to blip a lot of 80's songs.  BLUESBOOGIE is another blues fan. DeAnn is a big Rolling Stones fan. Here are some other Blip DJs that I've had a lot of interaction with over the past few months  ugogirl, Unfinishedperson1, Lysander, TopicsZ4. realtyman, sweetlilmzmia, ICEGIRL152, polarkat, sandraew, tygerbaby, McBud, Rella, DORKVADER, redskyy, UncleBallcoach, crispast, and MusicIsMySoul.  There are lots of great other DJs on 

I generally will become a listener of anyone that is listening to me.  I receive notifications when I have new listeners so I try to check out everyone and if you've blipped some music that I like (and I like a lot of music) I'll become a listener of yours.  There are some people that join and don't ever blip anything, so I generally don't add those people.  I'm not able to go to Blip everyday, but I'm there pretty often.

Thank you to everyone that helped me reach 2,000 listeners.  I might not ever reach the stratosphere status of some of the top blippers but it is nice to see that I reached this milestone.  Hope to meet you at

Photo credit: Burst Collage 5 courtesy of ba1969.

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