Thursday, August 26, 2010

100+ People- Part 10

This is the final installment of 100+ People that I'd Like to Meet Series. For this installment I wanted to focus on Scientists.

There are many people that I would inlcude in my list if I could meet historical figures of the past. I'd love to be able to talk to Carl Sagan, Sir Issac Netwon, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo Di Vinci, sadly this isn't an option (today anyways). While I might not have the computational and analytical ability and reason of some of these great thinkers, I've long been interested in science and been amazed at what mankind has been able to accomplish over the years and I wonder what we'll be able to do in the future. This is probably why I've always been interested in Science Fiction.

  • Stephen Hawking is the sole person in my list of scientists. He is often referred to as the Albert Einstein of our century. He was in the press the past few months with controversial views on the role of God in mankind's development and evolution as well as his suggestion that it seems unlikely that we'll encounter aliens anytime soon. Hawking has a neuro-muscular dystrophy and is virtually paralysed, so it was inspiring and moving to see footage of him experiencing zero gravity in a special plane a few years back. I also remember seeing him appear in Star Trek: Then Next Generation in a holodeck sequence where Data had summoned some of history's great scientists. I didn't find Hawking in Twitter or Facebook but he has a Wikipedi entry.

Putting together my list has been quite the project for me. I started with the idea in June and spent hours researching and collecting information to include, was sidetracked by computer problems, and now I've finally published the last of the series.

I think that this series highlights the growth and popularity of Social Media. Not everyone on the list "does" social media but a surprising number of people I've included do (or at least have someone else do it for them). Many of the people listed have websites, which already shows an explosion in popularity and acceptance of the internet. Social Media gives many of the people on my list the chance to interact with their fans, people that admire them, as well as colleagues that can't be discounted. Much as the prining press allowed people to first print and publish their thoughts and ideas, first connecting people who had never met before, Social Media allows all kinds of connections that didn't exist before. Don Henley and Stephen King I hope that you'll decide to "do" Social Media one day, I'd certainly love to help you in developing your strategy. To everyone else on the list, I do hope that I get to meet you all one day. I hope that you'll read the rest of the series and check out some of the other articles at the Systems Overload blog.

Photo credits: "playing with light 2" couresty of duchessa.
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