Thursday, September 18, 2008

Merlin Is Back at 43 Folders

When looking at 43 Folders the other day, I noticed that Merlin Mann was back at 43 Folders. I started reading 43 Folders over a year ago and actually wrote about it in one of my spotlight on the web pieces of this blog. I was initially drawn to Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero series about getting your email under control. I was also entertained by Merlin Mann’s sense of humor and his views on productivity. As time went on at 43 Folders it seemed that there were more and more other people doing the posts with Merlin Mann chiming in every now and again. Many of the posts from the other people were good but they weren’t Merlin Mann. Last week in “43 Folders: Time, Attention, and Creative Work” he committed himself to taking control of his blog back and focusing on helping his readers to focus their time and attention on their creative work and things that really mattered to them. I wish him the best in taking back his blog and can’t wait to see more posts from this blogger!

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