Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Good Breakfast is a Key to Your Weight Loss Success

I have previously written “12 Tips to Help You Drink More Water”, "7 Tips to Stop Eating Before You Feel "Stuffed" ", ’10 Tips for Reducing Fat in Your Diet” and that the “Power of One” was a must have diet book . Here is another diet strategy from “Lose Weight with THE POWER OF ONE. The book says that you should Eat Breakfast.

Your mother always told you to eat a good breakfast before you ran off to school or other engagements in your life. More often than not she probably settled for you at least eating something. Well it turns out that your mother was right about something else! Eating breakfast is the first thing that you can do to start your day off right, from a health stand point.

Think about your life now. Do you eat breakfast? If you do it is probably not till later in the day and there is a good chance that it might be something like coffee and a doughnut (or two) or something else fatty and unhealthy. In our on the go lives we often skip breakfast, eat it later, or worse yet grab something quick without regards to if it is something that we should really be eating.

Breakfast is important to your body for a number of reasons. Your body needs the energy to really get going. By eating breakfast you’re helping your body to burn more calories. If you delay eating breakfast (or don’t eat it at all) you’re actually hindering your body’s attempts at burning calories. As crazy as it might sound it is kind of like that expression about needing money to make money, so with a good breakfast in your tummy, your body will start to digest it and burn more calories. In addition those of us that are diabetic especially need to have the right food in our systems so that our sugar and energy levels aren’t putting us at risk.

This is all well and fine you say but “how do I fit a good breakfast into my schedule?”

· Allow yourself more time in the morning to have a nice breakfast. Maybe you can enjoy your cup of coffee with a breakfast at your dining table.

· Make it a social event. Maybe you could start a family breakfast. Since many families don’t have time for the family dinner everyday, maybe this could be a substitute.

· Plan your breakfast the night before. Much as you might plan your day the night before, why not take a moment to decide what you’ll have for breakfast the next morning?

· Mix up your breakfast habits and morning routine. If you always buy a newspaper at the doughnut place or bakery, maybe you could buy it somewhere else, so that you don’t tempt yourself to buy your standard breakfast.

· If breakfast has to wait till you get to the office, then make sure that allow yourself the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast. Don’t read your emails or attend that first meeting until you’ve done so.

By eating a healthy breakfast you not only arm your body with energy that it needs to start the day but you can also put yourself into a mental state to start your day. Like your mother always said be sure to eat a healthy breakfast. Do you have any tips for eating a healthy breakfast that work for you?

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