Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Only in IT

I've had a bunch of various problems with computers lately, so here is list of problems that could
Only in happen in IT…

• We need a new firewall rule
• The server crashed
• Our intranet is down
• The application server that we want to buy and setup runs on an O.S. that is two versions earlier than is currently provided by the manufacturer
• The design proposal doesn’t include "that" information
• Corporate is currently designing another "strategic" or "tactical" solution, I have forgotten which it is this week.
• The server needs to be migrated to a different domain
• The new server arrived with the wrong power cords.
• The new server doesn't have the right network cards.
• I'm unable to understand the people at the help desk
• It is a bridge holiday in the country hosting our help desk, so I’m unable to speak to a representative
• The staff at the newly migrated help desk location is inexperienced with dealing with my particular problem.
• That vendor doesn't even have a call center, I need to fumble through their support area at the website and I can't find anything that even remotely resembles my problem.
• I've sent an email to the vendor that I'm having problems via their online support only to get an automated response and nothing else after that. The problem persists but I have other work to do.
• I’m currently looking at a lovely blue screen
• Our new encryption program has just killed the data on my notebook
• Our mobile data backup system has gone down, we’re encouraged to find other methods of back up in the mean time.
• It has been recommended that those using financial systems should not use Vista or Office 2007 until 2009 Q1.
• Our new Instance Message systems has bugs and works differently than our previous and popular IM system.
• Financial approval needed to transfer money to a capital appropriations number to buy equipment needed to meet a client commitment seems to be stuck somewhere at corporate.
• A purchase order request for equipment that is urgently needed is being held up by the required approval of a manager that is unavailable and his administrative assistant doesn't see the urgency of my situation.
• That server that we needed urgently two months ago for a key project is now not needed.
• My USB hard drive crashed and now my pc doesn't find it.
• My new portable USB drive isn't recognized by my second pc.
• I'm running out of virtual memory.
• Windows must shut this program down, do you want to report this to Microsoft?
• Somebody stole my notebook from a locked cabinet at the office.
• My internet service provider is unable to find my site (when it is Yahoo! or Google)!
• I'm ready to go home and the mobile information protection system has been running for over 2 hours and is only 10% complete.
• My video editing program doesn't recognise the format of the mini dvds from my new camcorder.

I'm sure that you have all had your share of computer problems. Have you had any interesting computer problems that you'd like to share. If you have any comments, I’d love to see them.

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