Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dealing With All Your Dirty Laundry

Our Laundry System

You have probably thought about it at least once or twice, but there are some things that you do over and over in life and never seem to complete them, like laundry and dirty dishes. When while you can't do them once and for all, but there are things that you can do to help you do them in a more organized fashion and save yourself some time. This was the intention of of the shelving unit shown above.

Over the holidays I bought and built the shelving unit show in the picture and put it together in our basement. I bought it from Ikea, but I imagine that you could buy something similar or that will work in similar manner from other furniture stores or home improvement stores like Home Depot or so on. You need some sort of shelving unit with space enough between shelves for your laundry baskets (at least 4 baskets) and you might want to allow extra space to store other things.

If you don't already have laundry baskets, you'll probably want to buy some. You'll need at least 4 for the shelving unit and then a few more for transport, folding, and etc. One of the keys to our system is that you always have baskets in the shelving unit to collect your dirty clothes. At the bottom of the shelving unit is a large laundry basket for towels and whites, as we seem to have a lot of this type of load that needs to be done often. We have one basket for pinks (the girls wear a lot of pink). There are baskets for medium dark and heavy dark clothes. I've head enough colors fade in the wash changing the overall color of my clothes to recognize that they need to be properly separated.

Our house is multi-level and doesn't have laundry shoots, so we have areas where we collect laundry on a couple of floors. We can carry these devices down to the basement and sort them there. One of the good things about this set up is that you can easily see when you have enough dirty clothes to do a load, which for us is pretty often! You might want a few extra laundry baskets, because you should always have baskets in your shelving unit to collect your different loads and I've found that laundry baskets don't always make it back to the basement otherwise.

The shelving unit doesn't need to be in a basement, you can set one up (space permitting) in other locations. You could set this up in your laundry room, garage, or other areas that have enough space. Ideally you want this as close to you where you have your washer.

By having a storage unit that will accommodate the types of laundry loads that you do on a regular basis, where you can see easily see what needs to be done, can really help you keep up with your laundry. Unfortunately, you'll still need to fold, iron, and put them away, but at least you'll be more organized about it. What are your tips for handling laundry? Feel free to comment and share them.

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