Friday, February 29, 2008

Why Aren't You Working on Your "Someday/Maybe" Projects?

Why aren’t you working on your “Someday/maybe” projects? These are those projects that are you’ve been thinking about doing but aren’t currently doing, commonly referred to in GTD (Getting Things Done) as those “Someday/Maybe”. David Moldawer at Lifeclever has come up with a unique way for you to accomplish more of those “Someday/Maybe” projects.

Everyone has those things that you want to do but put off. Maybe you want to write a book, paint, start a new business, any number of things. In many cases we put them off because we don’t think that we have the time to do it and focus on more pressing and urgent matters, putting it off till we have time. In most cases we don’t have huge slots of time until retirement (or worse still death), so most of us don’t do many of our dream projects.

The idea is that you take 5 minutes daily to make choices about your “Someday/maybe” project(s). The steps are as follows:

  1. Shut out all those external distractions.
  2. Grab 3 index cards
  3. Set your timer for 5 minutes
  4. Make 3 choices about your project(s).

So often, it is all the unknowns about our projects that keeps us putting them off. If you’ve made a lot of decisions about your project(s), you’ll be more able to organize them and make real progress. When you know what it is that you need to do or have made some basic or key decisions, you can work on your project(s) in chunks as it fits into your schedule (or you make it fit into your schedule). Rome wasn’t built in a day, or so they say.

David Moldawer refers to this as Creative triangulation, which he says “is all about separating your creative selves, making the high-level decisions at once without getting bogged down, and then connecting the creative dots separately.”

Of course there will be those projects that you still can’t do now, but you can take away your excuse for not doing many of those things that you’ve always wanted to do. You might not be able to afford to take that dream vacation to that far off land, take a cruise on the QE2, or start your company because money is truly an issue. You may however, give yourself the time to figure out how to finance it after all, but allowing yourself some creative time. You also engage your mind and make come up some creative solutions, when you’d least expect it.

While this might not work for all of your “Someday/maybe” projects, it can help you make real progress on a lot of them. Why not start today? Do you have any other ideas or tips on how to accomplish those “Someday/maybe” projects or do you have any other comments?

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