Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We've Been Selected for a Couple of Blog Carnivals

Systems-Overload has been selected to appear in a couple of recent blog carnivals. So, what is a blog carnival? Blog carnivals are similar to magazines in that they’re a collection of articles or posts published at various intervals covering a wide variety of topics. They do differ from magazines, in that they link to the posts that they refer to, often offering a brief description of the selected posts.

"What are you giving up for Lent" was selected for the February 11th edition of the New Blog Showcase and "17 Recipe Ideas for Your Playoff Party" was selected for the February 16th Weight-Management and Fitness Forum 11th Edition. I want to think Tina at Thinksimplenow for the idea of submitting to blog carnivals. Here is a list of carnivals from a community of blog carnival publishers. Although the list contains a lot of carnivals, it should be noted that this is not a complete list of all blog carnivals.

If you find a carnival about an interesting subject, you’ll find a variety of posts about that subject from various authors. This can be a good way to quickly learn about a subject or to get a wide range of information about that subject. You can host a carnival at your site, if you’d like as well.

So why would I want to be involved in a blog carnival? Being included in an edition provides the author exposure to a different audience and will hopefully lead to increased readership. If you have any comments or suggestions for items that you’d like to see covered in this blog, please feel free to leave a comment. If you like what you’ve read please help spread the word.

I would like to thank Weightmaster and Random Yak for selecting my posts!

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