Monday, February 11, 2008

Ask The Readers: Valentine's Ideas for the Romantically Challenged

"Valentines 4" courtesy of xymonau

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I was thinking that some of you might have some ideas of Valentine's gifts for the "Romantically Challenged". Here is my first ask the readers, what would you give...

  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Your newlywed wife/husband
  • A new girlfriend/boyfriend
  • A girlfriend/boyfriend that you're in the doghouse for what you got for Christmas, their last birthday, or Valentine's Day last year, or some other reason.
  • A girlfriend that you're planning on asking you to marry.
  • A spouse that has stood by you through some pretty hard times.
  • A longtime wife/husband that you want to show your fire still burns
  • A girlfriend that doesn't like flowers/candy
So please be creative and help out our "Romantically Challenged" friends with some Valentine's Day ideas.

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