Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Using 43Things to Support Your Goals

I mentioned 43Things previously in my post “Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions”. I had suggested using is under using a support organization to achieve your resolutions. Consider it social networking for your goals, it can be helpful in keeping you motivated and inspired.

One of the things that WeightWatchers has done right is to make use of support groups. With their weekly meetings, many members receive motivation and encouragement to stick to their diet. 43Things is nice because it gives you the chance to find other people with similar goals to yourself and members can encourage and motivate each other. Sure not every goal needs motivation, but it can be fun to compare notes or to read about someone that has done what you wish to do has to say about their experience with that goal. It costs nothing to join 43Things as it is ad supported.

43Things Homepage

What do you want to do with your life? While this question can certainly lead to a lot of soul searching, it can also get you thinking about some goals that you have, things that you’d like to do but have put on the backburner or forgotten. When I started writing this there were over 1.400 million people with over 1.100 million goals at 43Things. These goals vary from trying caviar, to learning to golf, to a whole host of things.

Type in the goal that you’re thinking about it in the “What do you want to do with your life?” and you’ll see how many other people are doing that goal along with some others that have. You can select that you want to do this or that you have done this.

Toward the top of profile page (my profile is here) for all members at 43Things you find the member’s name listed with some boxes or tabs for “Things”, “Cheers”, “Photos”, and “Entries” (see picture Profile Top below). Under the “Things” tab is listed “Wants to do # things”, where “#’ is the number of things that the member wants to do, along with entries that they have made about those things. Under the “Cheers” tab, you’ll find “Recently received”, “Recently given”, and “Most cheered”. I’ll go into cheers a little later. Under the “Photos” tab you’ll find any pictures that the members might have posted related to their goals. The “Entries” tab shows the members entries from their most recent to their oldest ones.

Profile Top

Toward the bottom of the profile page for all the members at 43Things you’ll find the member’s name listed with some boxes listing “is going # places”, “is meeting # people”, “is consuming # items”, and “is working on # lists”, where “#”is the number of things, people, places, and lists (see photo Profile Bottom below). From the “is going # places’ you can see where the member wants to go as well as where they have been. There are tabs here for “Places”, “Events”, “Cheers”, “Photos”, and “Entries” (similar to the setup of 43Things). I haven’t done too much yet with the “is meeting # people” or “is consuming # items” area yet. If you go to the “is working on # lists” area, you’ll see that there are tabs for books, movies, music, places, people, and more. Some of the of the lists include “bands that I have seen live”, “places I want to go”, “Rolling Stone’s top 100 albums of the 80’s” and many more as well as various lists for award winning books, music, and movies. Some of the lists are very interesting and make you think about things that you’ve done in your life or that you would like to do. They can also give you good ideas for things that you might want to do.

Profile Bottom

43Things will send you a reminder about your goal based on how you set up your goal. Reminders can be setup so that you receive them every day, in a couple of days, once a week, next week, in a couple of weeks, next month, in about six months, or by next year. So depending upon what you wish to do you’ll be sent a reminder about it.

For many of the goals that are listed you’ll find some people that have done it. They can rate if they think it is worth doing, which can be helpful for some of the goals that are a little more out there. They can also describe their experiences with that particular goal and you can use some of these experiences to help determine if you really want to do that goal or not.

As I mentioned above you can “cheer” other people on in their goals. Some members do a simple “cheer”, while others will give more input. 43Things has limited the number of cheers that you can give in a day and this seems to vary, so you’ll want to be selective in what goals you cheer and for whom, but why not encourage others in their pursuits, it is nice to see people succeed in their goals.

One word of caution, like many sites online, you might want to set up some kind of limits to how much time you want to spend at 43Things, as you could easily find yourself lost surfing through all the various possibilities.

Maybe you can give 43Things a try. You just might find yourself doing some interesting things and making friends. Good luck in your goals.

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