Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Are You Doing for Blog Action Day 2010?

What are you doing for Blog Action Day 2010? The question has crossed my mind a lot in the past few weeks. A more pressing question is, What can I do? Or you might even be asking, What is Blog Action Day?

Blog Action Day is day where people around the world, from many different languages and cultures write about one topic to raise awareness and to see that the theme of that year has many voices and reaches as many people as possible. This year's theme of water is both basic and simple enough and very complex, all from the same word.

In the past bloggers, writers, and people just plain passionate about the theme and wanting to be a part of something bigger than themselves have participated and the event has grown. I certainly wish to encourage people to take this route of participation and remember that while you might not be Dickens, Shakespear, or any author whose name rolls of the tongues of people when they think of great writers, but you're welcome and encouraged to join along. I've given a lot of thought of how to expand the event and reach a wider audience that it already has. I came up with the idea of extending the event out to the music world and have created an event within Blip.fm and Globaljammerz to coincide with Blog Action Day 2010.

If you're already a DJ at Blip.fm, you can play (blip) songs along with us all day on October 15th in whatever time zone you happen to live. Heck, how about if we blip songs all weekend long! The songs that you play should be arround the Blog Action Day theme of water but I personaly think that you have quite a bit of room for personal interpetation. For example, maybe you might decide to play songs from artiists that you know are active in a variety of causes and you believe would support Blog Action Day, if the could, or if they knew about it. Blip.fm allows you to post text along with the songs that you blip, so you can add a message to all or some of the songs that you play. So that the world can see how many people are participating on Blip.fm, you should be sure to include "#BAD10" in the text you include. If you have Twitter integrated with Blip.fm, your blips will be broadcast into the Twitterverse for even more people to see. You can reblip (or replay) songs that other people have blipped for Blog Action Day and you can give the DJs that are playing songs (or have played songs) props (a thumbs up or sign of approval at Blipfm).

If you're not a Blip.fm DJ, it isn't too hard to join and you'll have lots of fun and meet all kinds of people from all over the world if you do join, why not suggest songs that the Blip DJs can play. If you're in Facebook or Twitter you can make your suggestions in your status area, just be sure to use "#BAD10", so that the world can tell your suggestion is part of Bog Action Day. You can also suggest songs in the comments section following this post, or send them in via a Tweet by using "@darrylheron", so that I see it in Twitter. You can also join "the event" that has been set up at Facebook or Globaljammerz. You can also tweet about or "like" any Blog Action Day article or post that you believe is worth promoting, as well as any song.

If you're already a member of Globaljammerz, the social network that complements Blip.fm, you can participate there in a variety of ways. This event is being sponsored by the Giving Back group at Globaljammerz, so why not join there and tell us how you're going to participate or tell us about the set list that you're going play on Blip or that you'd like to see played on Blip. You can tell us how you feel about the topic or what it matters to you. You can also become friends with the people that are participating. If you're not a member of Globaljammerz, why not join? Membership doesn't cost you anything and you can meet other music fans with similar tastes to yours (as well as people with different musical tastes) and you can join one of the many groups there where you're bound to find other people with some similar interests to you.

Whatever you do, I do hope that you'll participate in Blog Action Day 2010, in some form or fashion. What are you doing for Blog Action Day 2010? I'd love to hear what creative and interesting things people are doing and have planned. Whatever you do, be sure to tell as many people as possible about Blog Action Day 2010.

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Photo credit: "Heart Melody 2" courtesy of fangol.
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