Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 Recap

Blog Action Day 2010 is now history and thought that some of you might be interested in reading a little bit about how it went, so I thought that I share some information about it with you all.

I received an email teling me that the main event on Friday had more than 5,600 bloggers from 143 countries participating, reaching more than 40 million readers. This definitely shows that blogging and Social Media have reached a whole another level, think about how many tradtional television shows and traditional publications reach that many people! and Globaljammerz had an event to go along with Blog Action Day 2010, that I told you about in my post on Blog Action Day. The event ran all weekend long so that it could allow people in all the time zones to participate. Trying to get statistics about has proven more challenging that I had first thought, so my numbers aren't as complete or as in dept as I'd like but I wanted to report on a few things anyways.

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in Blog Action Day, in whatever form that you might have done so. I also wanted to thank those people that participated on the Blog Action Day 2010 Event. As far as I know this is the firs time that something like this was organized on and Globaljammerz, so I have big hope for this to grow in the future.

Over the course of the past weekend I played 31 songs on I received 20 different reblips, or people replaying songs that I played, often restating part or all of the message that I wrote along with the blip. All of the 31 songs that I blipped were also tweeted on my Twitter account. I received 38 props or kind of a thumbs up from other Blippers for songs that I played and/or the messages that I blipped

What I'm not able to determine is how many songs were played with "#BAD10" in the blip, as was one of the ideas behind having the event, so I'd be curious of someon can find out for me. Looking in Twitter, 8 tweets mentioned me and Blog Action Day and songs that I blipped Using the search on Twitter doesn't seem to pull up any of the blips that I know should be there, I'm not sure why.

I wanted to take a moment and recognize some of the people that participated in the event.

  • "indyh"gave me the most props for songs played as well as being the first to reblip or replay one of the songs that I played for the event.
  • The first prop or thumbs up that one of my blips got goes to "sandraew".
  • 3 different blips of mine were reblipped by at least 3 people
  • "Danimelocoton" reblipped me several times and gave me several props
  • "MCDEIBEM" and "DeAnn" reblipped multiple songs of mine
  • "indyh", "mairsplaylist", "Loba_Negra", "DeAnn", and "Globaljammerz" gave me multiple props
The idea of having a event tied to Blog Action Day only occured to me with a little more than a week before the big day, so there wasn't a whole lot of time to organize and promote the event. Overall, I'm happy with the event that we had on and Globaljammerz. I've learned some lessons on things that can be done differently in the future and see big potential in other events that can be organized in the future. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do for Blog Action Day 2011. If you participated in the Blog Action Day, I'd love to get your feedback and some statistics from you to help round out my evaluation of the event.

Photo credit: "Eurasian Coot" courtesy of soikha.
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