Monday, October 18, 2010

Drive to 1000 is having a membership drive with the goal of reaching over 1000 members by the end of this year.

What is Globaljammerz? It is a social network for DJs, Musicians, and Music lovers. A large number of members are also members on While there is a lot of communication going on at Blip, as a social network I've thought for a while that it needed a lot more functionality and now with Globaljammerz you have much of what I was looking for. Also, membership is free.

If you go to the groups section, you'll find over 40 different groups covering a wide variety of musical tastes and themes where you can meet other people with similar tastes and interests to yourself. If you're into the Beatles, they have a group for you. If you're a Disco Freak, they have a group for you. If you've got the Blues or are into the Blues, they have a group for you. If you're a Soul Man (or Woman), they have a group for you. They have Hard Rock, Punk, and a variety of other groups all waiting for you to join them.

Several of the DJs at Globaljammerz have regular shows on You can start the week "Mayer Mondays with Mary", where music from John Mayer is featured. "Flowapowa with Deann", plays flower powered music from the 60's and 70's. "German Rock House with Petra" focuses on popular German music (and we're not talking about the folk music from Oktoberfest that most people think of either). "Sountracks with Daniela" plays music froma wide variety of famous (and sometimes not so famous) movie soundtracks and television shows. "Texas Blues Power Hour" features famous (and not so famous) guitarists from Texas. These are a few of the regularly occuring shows and there are also several special shows that are scheduled on more of an ad hoc basis, so it is a good idea to check out the events to see what shows are on the horizon.

There is a chatroom built into the network, so you can see if any of your friends are online or if they'll join you online. It is also a good way to communicate with the DJs doing shows, to let them know what you think about the songs they're playing or maybe you can give the requests live duing their shows.

Globaljammerz is a social network hosted on Ning is probably the most famous site where you can build your own social network, so Globaljammerz can harness the experience of Ning for the benefit of its memembers. Look for new features and funtionaliy as Globaljammerz grows and matures.

If Globaljammerz reaches the target of 1000 memebers by the end of 2010...

  • The first prize winner of the contest who brings in the most members will win $150, 2 concert tickets, or virtual shares of Globaljammerz
  • The second prize winner who brings in the second most new members will win $100
  • The third prize winner who bings in the third most new members will win $50

To qualify, the new members need to mention that you referred them when they apply.

I'm excited about Globaljammerz because I see that it can become "the" social music network. It isn't nearly as complicated at Ping and there are already tons of people already on that could really benefit and enjoy the site. I hope to see and hear you at Globaljammerz and Why not give them a spin and join them, membership is free. By the way don't forget to tell them that Darryl Heron sent you.

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