Friday, February 6, 2009

What Are Your Valentine Gift Ideas For The Romantically Challenged

As Valentine's Day approaches I know that many of us are wondering what we should get our Sweeties for this day? I know that some of us talk about how this is just another Hallmark holiday, created only to sell more greating cards, candy, flowers, and other trinkets, while that might be all very well and fine, if you forget you Sweetie on Valentine's day you're likely to end up in the dog house. If you do something memorable, you can make their day and wouldn't you rather do that?

Gifts don't have to always be expensive some of the best gifts are ones that you made yourself. The gift needs to show that you thought about person. Besides the obvious gifts that you can buy, you could go out for a nice dinner or just do something nice where you spend some quality time together.

I know that there are a lot of us who are romantically challenged, so I'd like to ask the creative people out there about Valentine ideas. Think it over and add your comment. Ideally it would be great to have a bunch of ideas a few days before Valentine's Day, so that our romantically challenged have time to make the necessary arrangements. I'll post a follow up article with some of more interesting ideas next week. So let's get creative.

Photo credit: Love Box courtesy of djayo
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