Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Using Multiple Inboxes in Gmail?

Do you have one or more gmail accounts? I discovered multiple inboxes last week and am really enjoying it. Setting this up allows you to have a view of your inbox, drafts, and various labels that you can select in a quick view.

To set it up you'll need to "enable" the Labs tab from "Settings". It is pretty far down the list of options, more towards the end. Pane 0 and I are your "starred" and "drafts" are in by default, while Panes 2-4 are open and you can add whichever of your labels that you'd like to see in your multiple inboxes. The box after "Pane" should start with "is:" followed by what you want to be displayed, so you'll want to make sure that it matches the "labels" that you want to be displayed.

Some of you might wonder what "Labels" are? Gmail doesn't have folders but offer "Labels" instead. If you have a type of email, from one person or organization, or a theme, then a label would help you keep it organzied and aid in finding it later. On the left side of gmail, just below "Contacts", you'll find your "Labels". You can select "Edit labels" from there to create and edit them or you can select "Labels" from your settings.

So now that you've set up multiple inboxes you can see your inbox, drafted emails, starred emails, and some of your "Labels", you can see your email in a glance. Have fun. What other goodies are making use of from gmail?

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