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The February Edition of the Family Life Blog Carnival Part 2

We were flooded with submissions for the February edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival, so we decided to have a second part to that edition. You can find part 1 here. It is so good to see so many people participating! The next edition is currently planned for March 16th, so feel free to make suggestions about what you'd like to see or to submit articles.

The Shark Investor
presents It?s Not Hard To Be Good posted at The Shark Investor.

Concerning Kids presents Healthy After School Snacks For Kids posted at Concerning Kids.

KCLau presents Procrastinator, plucker, plotter, and prober posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "Recently I was reading the book titled “The Number: What do you need for the rest of your life and what will it cost?” A rundown on what the book has to offer"

singlemomsrock presents 7 Steps to Economic Empowerment: It Begins Between the Ears posted at Rich Single Momma.

Praveen presents That Will Be 50 Dollars! posted at My Simple Trading System, saying, "My 3 year old son seems to understand money, but overcharges. $50 for a pretend Happy Meal or taxi ride..."

NetBiz presents Free Home Budget Software For Beginners | Free Money Management Programs posted at Money Galaxy - Make Money | Save Money | Invest Money, saying, "Making a budget is the key to maintaining the family finances in order. Try one of the many free online options available"

Carnival of Financial Goals presents WTDirect Review | Cash Money Life posted at Cash Money Life, saying, "Every family needs a high interest savings account - and WTDirect offers some of the highest rates in the nation."

Patrick @ Military Money presents Free Tax Preparation for Military Members posted at Military Finance Network, saying, "Military members are eligible for free tax preparation through their base services or through some commercial tax preparation companies."

Raily Arena presents Tips To Get You Started On Selling Your Home posted at How to Sell Your Own Home.

Joe Manausa presents Real Estate Sales Success | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "By tracking movement of inventory in the MLS, one is able to tell if the market is expanding or contracting, and whether property values are rising or falling. With this information in hand each month, you can best understand a great strategy for selling a home (or one for buying a home)."

Concerning Kids presents Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night posted at Concerning Kids.

Lisa Mitchell presents Teaching Your Children About Money posted at Let's Talk Babies.

Patrick @ Military Money presents Money Management and Money Saving Tips posted at Military Finance Network, saying, "Money Management and Money Saving Tips -"

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents How to Save Money on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rates posted at Cash Money Life, saying, "Tips on how to save money on your homeowner’s insurance rates."

Patrick @ Money Saving Deals presents 50 Free Photo Prints at SnapFish posted at Cash Money Life Deals, saying, "50 Free Photo Prints at SnapFish - Available to new customers!"

Lauren Rose presents Never Use Copy Paste for Your Credit Card Number and Internet Explorer | No Debt Anymore .org posted at No Debt Anymore .org, saying, "Under certain circumstances, your clipboard contents from a copy and paste command can be stolen from the Internet. And that includes your credit card number!"

Wenchypoo presents Rethink the Value of College posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Wenchypoo presents When Nutrition and Need Collide posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

BankMan presents Why You Need a High Yield Savings Account posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, "Everyone needs a high yield savings account to maximize their savings returns, earn more interest, and stash their cash for a rainy day."

Heather Levin presents Coupons For Organic Food and Eco-Friendly Products posted at The Greenest Dollar.

Woman Tribune presents Living Off of Your Credit Cards posted at Woman Tribune.

Victoria presents DIY Taxes posted at Turbo-Mom's Guide to Saving Money Without Wasting Time, saying, "Pitfalls of DIY Tax Software"

julie presents A Tip for Planning Thrifty Shopping Trips posted at Thrifty Frugality, saying, "An easy way to save money on your regular shopping trips. Thrifty and organized!"

FIRE Getters presents Smart Refrigeration Lowers Electricity Bill posted at FIRE Finance.

Robert Hazlewood presents A Survival Guide For The Economic Times posted at Ways to Survive Life, saying, "A guide with some great ideas and tips you can start today and begin saving money."

BankMan presents Never Pay ATM Fees Again posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, "The AllPoint ATM network provides free ATM transactions to customers of member banks. Why pay ATM fees when you don't have to?"

Raily Arena presents Sell Your Own Home: Can Be Very Difficult in Today?s Terrible Economy posted at How to Sell Your Own Home.

Patrick @ Military Money presents What to Do About a Lost or Stolen Stimulus Check posted at Military Finance Network, saying, "If your stimulus check was stolen and cashed, you may be a target of identity theft, which will ruin your credit score. Here are the steps you need to follow."

Patrick @ Money Saving Deals presents Entertainment Book - Save 35% Plus Free Shipping! posted at Cash Money Life Deals, saying, "The Entertainment Book is a coupon book that will easily pay for itself after 2-3 uses. Right now it is 35% off with free shipping!"

Len Penzo presents Plan Dinner Menus In Advance to Save Big Money posted at Len Penzo.Com, saying, "Just make sure you involve the kids in this activity. So, who wants spaghetti tacos!? :-)"

The Investor presents 10 reasons to be cheerful as an investor posted at, saying, "We've been hit with a lot of bad news in 2008 and 2009 hasn't started much better. But families investing for their long-term future have reasons to be cheerful as well as much to fear this year..."

The Shark Investor presents Strategies For Raising Funds: Saving posted at The Shark Investor.

Raily Arena presents Why Making Money Online is NOT so Easy posted at Make Money Easy Online.

Julie Guarnizo presents Beef Up Your Piggy: What To Do When a Relative is a Financial Train Wreck posted at Beef Up Your Piggy, saying, "An article relating to helping a parent in a dire financial situation."

David presents The Business of Banking posted at Personal Finance Ology, saying, "The differences between banking institutions are subtle and have become blurred with the deregulation of the banking industry. Discover the differences between banks and decide which is right for you."

Piotr Stepien presents Visualization Trial posted at we overstep, saying, "Summary of my recent 30 day trial. Use it for making money and bringing peace in your family."

Piotr Stepien presents Money Free World posted at we overstep, saying, "It is good to have money but it is better not to have it at all. Surprised? Read the whole story."

Josanne Anthony presents Money I'm Entitled To Throw Away posted at Brilliant Babblings.

Jacquelyn presents Easy Ways to Save Money posted at - Wise Parenting Guide, saying, "Learn about practical money tips and ideas to save money extracted from the free ebook offered at"

Stephanie Ann presents Improve you Finances While You Wait posted at The Cheap Diva.

Pinyo presents Life Insurance and Medical Information Bureau (MIB) posted at Moolanomy.

Brian McKay presents What's in the Stimulus Bill for You? posted at, saying, "We have listed all the benefits for individuals in President Obama's stimulus bill that was just passed."

This concludes Part 2 of The February Edition of The Family Life blog Carnival. The next edition is currently planned for March 16th. You can submit your blog article to the March edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival by using our Submit an entry form to “The Family Life Blog Carnival”. Past posts and future editions can be found on our Blog Carnival index for “The Family Life Blog Carnival” page.

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