Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st Edition of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival

I’m pleased to present the second edition of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival. We had several great submissions for the first edition and I’m pleased with the submissions that we’ve had this time around. There is a lot of humor in this edition as well as little bit of controversy, so please read on. I look forward to seeing what other posts will be submitted as we go along with the rest of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival.


From Philaahzophy:

“When, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, my 12 year old daughter informed me that her mother would be working on Turkey Day so she'd be with me I was terrified. Having never even prepared a single dish for a holiday meal in the past, we dove in and created a feast for two, live blogging the entire way.“

Live Blogging Thanksgiving 2008 at The Caverns

From GirlScientist at Living the Scientific Life:

“This amusing essay is making the rounds on the intertubes (as usual) this year, so I had to share it with you.”

How To Stuff Your Parrot on Thanksgiving


From GirlScientist at Living the Scientific Life:

“One thing that the Thanksgiving Holidays has made clear: America, the land of plenty where holiday overeating is celebrated as a social good, is suffering from a food availability crisis. Food availability affects family life as well as life-long eating patterns” and overall health. America’s Food Availability Crisis

Shopping and Gift Ideas

From Julie Mahoney at the Cool Mom Guide:

Some creative and inexpensive ideas from a “frugal mom” that doesn’t spend more than $30 in her Christmas shopping budget.

Mom Dot Christmas of Dreams Party Day Three!

From Annette Berlin at Craft Stew:

“Save money AND get into the holiday spirit by creating original, computer crafted gifts this year.“

Computer-Crafted Gifts

From Diana Freedman at U Stand Out:

“Now that the holiday season is here, I’d like to share some tips for finding discounts and hard-to-find products without having a near nervous breakdown (because admit it, shopping for something like a Wii, Wii Fit, or those strangely popular Elmo Lives, is freakin stressful). Not all of us want to be bothered getting to stores at 4am on Black Friday. And those of us with full-time jobs can’t run to the mall every five seconds to see if the delivery truck has stopped by. But online tools can make your holiday shopping less stressful.“

Online Tools Make Holiday Shopping Easier

The Office Christmas Party

From Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane's Humor Blog:

”There are few “fun” activities quite so vexing as the Office Christmas Party; that obligatory gathering of bosses and subordinates, cronies and rivals, back-stabbers and back-stabbees. Plus a horde of husbands and wives who spend the entire night planning their escape.”

Office Party Follies

Not Related to the Holiday Spirit

From KCLau’s Money Tips:

KC Lau answers the question about what happens to money in joint-accounts when either of the spouses dies. Something that couples should think about when they set up these accounts.

If either one of the joint-account holder dies, who gets the money?

Another Angle

From Jon Swift:

“Wal-Mart shoppers who got a little carried away are not the only warriors against terrorism in danger of being hounded by prosecutors.” Note: some readers might take offense as this is a politically charged article, so please bear this in mind.

President Bush Should Pardon the Wal-Mart Shoppers

A Gift Idea from Us

Due to travel and preparation involved in a big client meeting, I didn’t have time to include anything that I wrote in the first edition of The Holiday Spirit blog carnival. For this edition I had a gift idea that I wanted to share. Julie Mahoney at the Cool Mom Guide mentioned it as one of the things that she does, but we’ve made calendars for several years now and given them as gifts to Oma, Grandpa, aunts, and so on. There are several sites online where you can put one together. In the past we’ve bought calendars from various stores that had a space where you could put a picture for each month. We always selected various pictures of the kids, family, and friends and glued them in the space provided. The nice thing about this is that it is personal and it is nice for your family to look at the picture when they’re looking at the calendar. Oma keeps hers in her kitchen, so every time she cooks something or goes to the refrigerator, she sees the calendar.

Thank you to all the participants. I’m looking forward to the submissions to the next edition (planned for December 8th). Remember that the Holiday Spirit isn’t necessarily about only Christmas, so I’d love to hear about Hanukkah, Ramadan, and other non-Christian celebrations as well as Christmas. It would be great to hear about your family traditions, your creative give ideas, and your recipes for holiday treats. If you’d like to become involved please feel free to submit your post and help spread the Holiday Spirit.

Photo credit: This is a decorative nutcracker that was given to me as a gift a few years ago.

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