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Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars

Do you have an Advent Calendar? Have you ever seen one? Living in Germany you see them all over the place and can buy them almost anywhere. It seems that the first one dates back to 1851 in Germany. Now a days they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and offer all kinds of things. Typically they have 24 doors counting down the days of Advent till Christmas Eve. Every day a new door is opened, revealing whatever is under the door. Many kids will have chocolate ones, so that they can get a different piece of chocolate with a different design everyday (or possibly the same chocolate depending upon the calendar), but there are many other different advent calendars in existence today. Several years ago we had had a couple of Advent Calendars from Playmobil, where the kids would get a new toy figure or accessory every day. There are some Advent calendars that can be reused and others that allow you to be creative.

Here are some sites that you might find of interest related to Advent calendars:

Advent Calendars from Bronners- Bronners is a famous Christmas store located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. There are different Advent calendars here as well as other Christmas items. If you’re in the Detroit area and have some time, a trip to Frankenmuth can be a lot of fun and it is less than a couple of hours by car.

How to Make an Advent Calendar from eHow

TeachingMom's Online Advent Calendar- A nice site that you and your family can use in creating your own Christmas Traditions. There are bible verses and explanations of various things related to Christmas and Christianity.

Advent Calendars at MegaCalendars- There are all kinds of calendar here that you can buy.

Advent Calendar article at Wikipedia- Article describing the history of Advent Calendars.

Online Interactive Calendar from Woodland’s Junior School- This is an

extremely popular interactive online Advent Calendar for kids of all ages. You can find out how Christmas is celebrated around the world

Online count down with Christmas stockings-

Advent Calendars at Amazon

Teddy Bear Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown

Kinder Friends

Winnie the Pooh


Playmobil is very popular with kids in Germany...

Christmas in the Forest

For those kids that are into pirates...

Dueling Knights...

Unicorn Paradise...

Of course Lego has a few Advent Calendars...

Lego 2008 Advent Calendar

Lego City 7907

Lego Castle

Of course like most everything else in life you can spend a lot of money on this if you like. Here are some of the more expensive ones that I found as well.

From Playmobil

Regardless of if you buy a chocolate or toy themed Advent Calendar, play around with some of the online ones, or make one yourself, Advent Calendars can be a fun way to count down the days till Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone.

Photo Credit: This is an Advent Calendar that we have had for years.

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