Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24th Edition of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival

I’m pleased to present the first edition of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival. The response was pretty good and I look forward to seeing what other posts are submitted.


From the Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning

Like the first Thanksgiving in America, these are challenging times and all the more reason to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with your family and friends.

Celebrating Thanksgiving is a must this year

Keeping Holiday Spirits Alive

From Donna Freedman at smartspending

Donna says “Scale down, sure. Get creative, definitely. But don't forego a ritual that has the potential to make you really happy if you do it right. Beginning to look a lot like glum Christmas- don’t let it

The Spirit of Charity

From Neko at LuckyMoneyCat

He is thinking about ways that he can give back during the holidays. Giving Back During the Holidays

Shopping and Gifts

From Heather Levin at The Greenist Dollar.

Some unique, frugal, eco-friendly gifts you can give this year. Eco-Friendly Gifts For Under $40

From Chief Family Officer

create a gift basket out of things that you probably have around your house. Make a free "Economy Survival Kit"

From Condo Blues

An idea for those DIYers out there (Do It Yourself) “These homemade shopping tote bags make great gifts and even better gift wrap!” Turn Rice Bags into Shopping Tote Bags

From Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket

Remember layaway, well it has been making a bit of a comeback Wenchypoo lets us in on a little secret about layaway. Layawayboon or Burden

From Money Blue Book Blog

A collection of credit card offers with shopping rewards and 0% APR. Best Christmas Holiday Credit Card Offers and Deals

From Money Blue Book Blog

Mapping out a strategy for saving money by shopping online all year long. How To Save Money By Shopping Online

Honorable Mentions

From Dave at Cheapogroovo

Submitted posts Shop the internet and get free shipping and Woot Your Way to Mega Savings . He did mention that Woot is an online store offering daily deals but it would be nice to see some further detail as to why any potential shoppers should have a look at ether site, like personal experiences with the sites, unique or hard to get gifts, something that would make you want to check them out.

Not Related to the Holiday Spirit

The remaining articles weren’t really related to the Holiday Spirit, but worth mentioning.

From Cory at eat-healthy-live-healthy

“Did you know that eating many small meals every day is actually healthier than the traditional 2-3 large meals?”. Frequent Small Meal Diet

From imarketing4s at consolidate4free

A look at debt consolidation loans. Low Interest Debt Consolidation: Can The Attractive Loan Package Really Be Harmful to Your Financial Standing?

From KCLau’s Money Tips

He shares his views about buying term insurance and investing the difference. Buy Term and invest the difference

Thank you to all the participants. I’m looking forward to the submissions to the next edition (planned for December 1st). Remember that the Holiday Spirit isn’t necessarily about only Christmas, so I’d love to hear about Hanukkah, Ramadan, and other non-Christian celebrations as well as Christmas. It would be great to hear about your family traditions, your creative give ideas, and your recipes for holiday treats. If you’d like to become involved please feel free to submit your post and help spread the Holiday Spirit.

Photo credits: "Winter Scenes (1)" courtesy of bosela

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