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December 8th Edition of The Holiday Spirit

I’m pleased to present the third edition of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival. We had several great submissions for the first edition and I’m pleased with the submissions that we’ve had this time around. There is a lot of humor in this edition as well as little bit of controversy, so please read on. I look forward to seeing what other posts will be submitted as we go along with the rest of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival.


Realizing that Thanksgiving is behind us for this year, I wrote about doing a Thanksgiving Review last year. You can do this during the current holiday season or maybe as part of planning for 2009.

Shopping and Gift Ideas

From Chief Family Officer:

“It would be good, of course, to practice random acts of kindness throughout the year, and I do. But I think, especially with strangers, they're easier to do at this time of year. So here are five that I've come up with”

Five free or cheap random acts of kindness for the holiday season

From Money Blue BookBlog:

“As a stereotypical male, I seem innately handicapped when it comes to performing… “confusing activities” that include shopping and picking out the right gifts for the right occasion. I’m sure there are some men out there who love to cruise the malls and spend hours window shopping to their hearts’ content like most of the women I know, but I’m most definitely not one of them…. but yet somehow, whenever I step foot in a retail department store, I quickly become fatigued. Somehow, I instantly become drained of all energy and stamina the moment I am faced with the grueling ordeal of mall shopping. Worst yet, I’m a terrible buyer when it comes to gifting - which is why gift cards and gift certificates are such a God send for people like me.”

Buying Discount Gift Cards As Presents

From Money Blue BookBlog:

“By buying these retail gift cards at the bonus reward locations, cardholders have the potential to earn up to 5% or more cash back through credit card discounts and rebates through a process that’s essentially a mild form of gift credit card arbitrage.”

BuyDiscount Gift Cards With Reward Credit Cards

From Sean Gallagher at Shop My Web:

Are you giving self mixed CDs or have you spent hours putting together special family videos together, why not get one of these decorative tins to dress them up?

TinShop Holiday CD/DVD Tins

From Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane's Humor Blog:
”…there is a cure for the holiday gift blues. Just substitute this agreement for those subtle hints — the ones that are always either missed or misconstrued. Then kiss that Returns Counter good-bye. This year’s gifts are for keeps.”

Mad Gift Giving Guide


From Thursday Bram at Wise Bread:

“My family doesn't exactly respect the calendar. We've heldThanksgiving on a Friday, moved Mother's Day to the last week of April and moved around just about every other holiday to suit ourselves. This adaptability has saved us an unbelievable amount of money.“

Flexible Holidays Are Much Cheaper (And Less Stressful)

Not Related to the Holiday Spirit

From Jessie at My Investing Blog:
“I’ve been mulling this post over for about a month now and have been taking notes back and forth to come up with valid info to ease people from getting too worked up about it.”

How Is What We Are Going Through Now Different From The Great Depression in the

From KCLau’s Money Tips:

Two reviews had been posted about my new book Top Money Tips for Malaysian

Top Money Tips for Malaysian Book Review

From Gill at gilocafe:

Gilocafe has posted a video from a visit to the Teotihuacan Pyramids of Mexico City.

Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico City

From Daly Dalia:
Is wondering about a surge in gun purchases (hand guns and more). This one so far hasn’t branched off into one of your crazy Second Amendment shouting matches. It is nice to see when people can have different views without making comments our other people’s parentage or


Bang Bang

From Jon Swift:

“No one has been hit harder by this financial turmoil than conservatives. Although conservatives generally support self-reliance when it comes to others, the situation is so dire that the only thing that will save our conservative institutions at this point is a quick infusion of government aid.” Note: some readers might take offense as this is a politically charged article, so please bear this in mind.

Conservatives Need a Bailout

Advent Calendars

Do you have an Advent Calendar? Have you ever seen one? Living in Germany you see them all over the place and can buy them almost anywhere. (read more)

Thank you to all the participants. I received a flood of submissions one the last day that I wasn’t able to review yet, so look for some of these to be in the next edition (planned for December 15th). Remember that The Holiday Spirit isn’t necessarily about only Christmas, so I’d love to hear about Hanukkah, Ramadan, and other non-Christian celebrations as well as Christmas. It would be great to hear about your family traditions, your creative gift ideas, and your recipes for holiday treats. If you’d like to become involved please feel free to submit your post and help spread The Holiday Spirit.

Photo Credit: There are two Advent Calendars that we have around out house this year.

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