Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Tumblr is Up And Running

Our Tumblr is up and running. Tumblr is a tumblelog, that is to say a variation of a blog favoring shorter-form, mixed-media posts over the longer more familiar posts usually associated with blogs. Tumblr allows me to post links, photos, quotes, chat, and video. Tumblelogs differ from blogs mostly in that while there might be some commentary by the author, it is usually shorter than a blog (if there is any at all). I believe that the format of Tumblr allows for better posting and sharing of the content that one might typically expect to find in a links page on many websites.

I decided to create one Tumblr for the Systems Overload blog as well as the DC Heron Family blog. I thought that it didn’t make sense to maintain two Tumblrs. While I will often have links in my posts, this allows me the opportunity to put many of this in one area where you can navigate through them quickly. I can also put links to sites that are related to posts that I have done or that I thought might be of interest to you. You can get to our Tumbr by clicking on the Links tab found near the top of our blog (I have highlighted this with a yellow box in the screenshot of our blog below).

At the bottom of the page are buttons that will allow you to go to the next page or the previous page. In this case the next page is actually items that that were posted earlier, while the previous page brings you to the items that are newer, the opposite of how previous and next work (in my mind anyways). You can also ”Browse the Archive”. When you open up the archive, it will show you all the pages in our Tumblr, so you can go right to the page you wish to see, bypassing the next and previous buttons. “Subscribe via RSS” allows you to subscribe to our Tumblr via RSS feeds, so you would receive an RSS feed whenever we update our Tumblr. “Powered by Tumblr” brings you to the Tumblr homepage, where you can learn more about Tumblr and even create your own if you wish.

Looking in our Tumblr archive, you’ll probably notice that it was actually created in November 2007. Last weekend I finally got it into a condition that I could accept publishing. While the nature of a tumblelog is always changing, our Tumblr is a work in progress, so don’t be surprised to see other changes from time to time.

We’re excited about our Tumblr being up and running. We hope that you’ll enjoy it.

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