Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gift Ideas for Those That Have Everything

What do you get someone that has everything? I’m sure that everyone has been faced with that a time or two and will again. Continuing my Christmas posts (also see Ideas For a Cheaper And More Meaningful Christmas, Charity And Christmas, and Getting The Most Out of Christmas). Here are a few ideas that you might be able to use next time that you’re faced with this problem. In many cases this is kind of a gift giving idea block and can disappear if you can give it enough thought and time. Too often we find ourselves in the situation that you need to buy a gift with only a few minutes to make up your mind what to select. A better approach might be to try to ask yourself a series of questions, to spark ideas.

Who is your gift recipient and what is their relationship to you? If they’re a close relative or close friend then you can probably easily think of some things that they’re interested in.

Do they like sports? Are they a big fan of a certain team or athlete or would they rather play a sport themselves. You could get them various apparel items related to their number one team or athlete.

Do they have any preferred authors or book genres? Maybe their revered author has a new book or there is one that the have been meaning to buy. If there is a genre that they like, you could find a new or interesting book that they haven’t read. Are their any biographies about their treasured author that they might be interested in?

Are there any bands or musicians that are music to their ears? There might be a new CD (or one that they don’t have) by their cherished artist or band. Tribute CDs can be a lot of fun, but I’d advise listening to your selection before buying it as some versions can be better than others (some are even awful).

What are their favorite hobbies? Maybe they like to cook. There are probably a million cookbooks, so you chances are that you could find them one that they would like. How about a cooking class? There might be an interesting course or two being offered at their local adult education facility. Maybe a popular local chef is doing some training.

Do they like to travel? Are there any places that they’re dying to visit? While buying them a trip to this destination might be more than you would like to spend, maybe you could go in on the gift with other siblings or friends or their might be a special package on a budget airline. You could also get a picture book about their desired location or one that has daytrips or describes tours. Maybe you could put together a gift basket of items likely to remind them of this place. If they want to go to France, maybe put together a basket of French wines or cheeses.

Are they alumni or big fans of a university, college, or school? You can probably easily find an item of clothing that they could wear to show their support for their school. Maybe their school has a big game (football, basketball, and etc) that could get tickets for. There is probably a lot of gift items available related to the school that you could give them. You might also make a donation to the school on their behalf.

Are there any charities that they belong to or admire? Maybe there is a product or gift that the offers that would do the trick or you could make a donation in their name.

Do they like projects and building things? Maybe they would enjoy putting together a puzzle. Perhaps the 1000 piece vintage World War I plane or ship in a bottle might be fun to put together.

How about a mystery dinner theater ticket? I attended one and it was a lot of fun. You were given a role but you didn’t know if your character did it or not and the excitement built as it was revealed who actually did it.

I hope that you find these ideas useful. As you can see, with some creativity you can come up with a gift for someone that has everything. Happy Holidays!

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