Sunday, February 24, 2013

Now Accepting Applications...

     I'm pleased to announce that I'm now accepting applications from forward thinking Companies and Organizations to employ my services and experience...

     My company has decided to close down the location that 1,100+ employees are tied to (including myself).  I've worked 16 years for my company, holding several differnt jobs, for several different clients, working on several different projects.  My company was acquired by another company  a few years ago and now it seems that my location and the people tied to it are no longer needed.

     I don't wish to dwell on this decission, but see this as an opportunity to change my lfe for the better. Have a look at my application for forwrd thinking companies and organizations as well as my alternative resume below.

     If you're a foward thinking company or organization that wants to change the world (or you know some that do), get in contact with me (details are in the application and/or the alternative resume). Contact me ASAP.  Lets Change the World!

Darryl Heron

P.s. Be sure to include "Change the World" in the subject line of any email you send me.  There are 1,099 other people that are also looking for an opportunity to make a contribution.  Let me know what your needs are and we should be able to work something out!

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