Thursday, November 15, 2012

Are You Going to Bonn?

The Toastmasters Distrct 59 Fall Conference is Bonn, Germany is about to begin. The conference officially kicks off tomorrow but there will be some activities tonight for people arriving today.  For many people in attendance the highlight will be watching Humorous speech contest and Table Topics (impromptu speeches) performed in English, French, and German. Toastmaster members have participated in club contests, area contests, and divsion contests in order to be able to compete in this Fall's contests. The contests are be no means all that is going on in Bonn this weekend, there will be a series of workshops, various leadership meetings, a lots of fellowship between Toastmasters old and new from accross Continental Europe (go here for a overview of all the activites). 

I joined Toastmasters in June, 2011 and this is the first time that I will attend the District 59 Conference, so I'm pretty excited about it.  As the District is growing rapidly it will be one a few opportunities to experience a conference for all of Continental Europe, in the future Distrct 59 will be split into more and more districts, so I'm excited about attending this truly international event. 

The speaking ability of all the contestants will be top notch.  The Humorous speeches should be very entertaining, I've certainly enjoyed the speeches that I've herd at my club, our area, and our division.  Impromtu speaking (speaking off the cutt as it is sometimes called) is an area that chalenges many of us.  The contestants in Bonn have mastered this and I'm curious to find out what the topics will be.

I'm looking forward to meeting other Toastmasters from all over Europe.  I hope to see you in Bonn.
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