Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Edition of the Carnival of Productivity And GTD

Welcome to the September 2010 edition of The Carnival of Productivity And GTD. We're really impressed with the submissions that we've seen for this edition. We would, however, like to see more GTD related submissions.

As we posted in the last edition of The Carnival of Productivity And GTD, we've decided to put the Better Life Blog Carnival on hold for a while to see what changes we might make or how we can bring it back into the line up. We've scheduled the next edition of the Family Life Blog Carnival towards the end of October. The Carnival of Productivity and GTD will return in 2011. The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival for 2010 will be kicking off towards the end of November. We're thinking about adding a couple of more themes to the blog carnivals that we host, possibly one on Social Media topics and charity, possibly in 2011. As always, we'll need to see about our bandwidth! We're pleased with the number of entries that we're receiving for all of the carnivals, we do wish to challenge you all to look at things from different angles and perspectives. We love to see useful articles that can really help people. If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered in future editions, feel free to leave a comment. If you have a post that you'd like to submit, please do so via the submission from link. Thank you to everyone that submitted posts! Remember that by subscribing via your RSS reader or via email, that you won't miss the next blog carnival hosted here and you'll know when new material has been posted. Without further adieu, here is the September 2010 Edition of the Carnival of Productivity And GTD....

Time Management And Productivity

Debbie Dragon presents How Work at Home Moms Can Make Room for Me Time posted at Empowering Mom.

Eliza Fayle presents A trick for making life manageable | Silver and Grace posted at Silver and Grace.

Charles Chua C K presents 10 Advantages of a To-Do List posted at All About Living with Life.

Chris presents Why Wise Men Abandon Their Goals posted at Martial Development.

Charles Chua C K presents 30 Productive Things You Can Do at Home in the Evening When You Stop Watching TV (First of a two-part list series) posted at All About Living with Life.


Wise Bread presents Organize a Room for $10 With No Extra Effort posted at Wisebread.

Handling Email

Khalid J Hosein presents Inbox Zero – Whip Your e-Mail Habits into Shape posted at KJH World, saying, "Start checking your e-mail less. Once an hour or less is where you should start. Your goal - an Inbox with zero e-mails!"


Victoria Kennedy presents Open Courseware & Public Domain Books on the iPad ? The Ultimate Guide posted at Masters Degrees, saying, "The iPad has an optional iBooks application that can be downloaded from the App Store, which displays books and other ePub-format content downloaded from the iBookstore. But, how does the iPad fare in the e-book department, and is it friendly to open courseware and public domain books?"

Joey Bishop presents Top 50 Free Open Source Classes on Computer Science posted at Masters in Computer Science, saying, "Computer science is both an interesting and growing field to get into. Here are 50 free opencourseware classes that can help you learn more about computer science."

Motivation And Inspiration

Bobbie Walker presents 50 Amazingly Motivational Speeches On YouTube posted at BSN Degrees, saying, "The listed speeches – representing a broad spectrum of political, national, religious, racial, social, economic and sexual perspectives – may tread familiar territory, but still seek to promote action and innovation in viewers."

Carrie Oakley presents Top 10 Commencement Speeches on YouTube posted at Online Colleges, saying, "Often driping with overused clichés regarding never giving up, never letting people down, reaching for the stars, achieving dreams, maintaining integrity, and other overused, overly broad “inspirations” that end up dismissed the second the speaker steps away from the podium. Unsurprisingly, more daring types who choose to use their time to go completely against expectations and leave an impact using humor or frank discussions of tough subject matter such as death, cancer, and the dire state of the economy."

Monte Stonewall presents 10 Amazing Female Firefighters posted at Fire Science Colleges.

Must Have Applications

John Laugherton presents 25 iPad Apps Every Engineer Needs posted at Masters in Engineering, saying, "The following 25 iPad apps that every engineer needs includes a broad range of generic tools, productivity apps and references that can provide engineers from all fields with support with a single tap of a finger."

stanya16 presents 10 Killer Online Tools for Web Designers posted at Web Design Colleges, saying, "What are administrator jobs like, what are their salaries and how can you prepare yourself for a job as a health administrator? This ultimate guide to health administration careers can help you learn the answers to those questions."

Roger Elmore presents Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Applications for Travelers posted at Hospitality Management Schools.

Hoven Keith presents Top 25 Little-Known Web Startups Revolutionizing the Way We Communicate posted at Masters in Communication, saying, "The information age has changed the way we all communicate. This is a list of 25 little-known startups leading the charge."

Family And the Environment

Graham Alice presents Going Green While Pregnant: 100 Ways to Help Your Baby & the Earth posted at


Mazarine presents Wild Woman Fundraising Lean Fundraising posted at Wild Woman Fundraising, saying, "This post details how to apply lean manufacturing processes to your office, to make yourself even more efficient and productive."

That concludes the September 2010 edition of The Carnival of Productivity And GTD. You can submit your blog article to the next edition of The Carnival of Productivity And GTD using our "Submit an entry to “The Carnival of Productivity And GTD” submission form". Links to past editions, as well as the current scheduling of future editions can be found on our The Carnival of Productivity And GTD index page. Thank you to everyone that submitted articles for this edition! If you have any topics that you'd like to see covered in a future edition, or any feedback in general, feel free to leave a comment. Be sure to stay tuned for the Family Life Blog Carnival, as well as the normal articles that are posted here. Thank you.

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