Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Detroit Autoshow And Social Media

Since it is January that must mean it is time for the Detroit area to break out of its winter freeze and Detroit Autoshow. The 2010 Detroit Autoshow (officially known as the North American International Auto Show or N.A.I.A.S.) is now under way at Cobo Hall in Detroit (2010 NAIAS). Alright, that is up to Mother nature to pull off that order (I do remember seeing plenty of snow going to the autoshow in the past). Every show is different with new trends emerging and this year is no different. Its exciting to see how Social Media is being embraced this year.

I attended the autoshow every year from 1997 through 2001 and always think that I'd like to go again this year. Last year I wrote about going green at the Detroit Autoshow and I attended the 2009 Frankfurt Autoshow. This year when I went to the N.A.I.A.S. website I was immediately struck that that they had links to Twitter and Facebook and I realized that auto industry is at least trying to catch up with Social Media.

You can now follow the N.A.I.A.S. on Twitter and you can become a fan on Facebook, so they're tweeting about the autoshow and putting updates in Facebook. When I last looked the had over 1,400 followers, they were listed 84 times and just under 4,000 people had become fans on Facebook. in addition to having their coverage of the event on their website, is also tweeting about it and allowing people to become fans at Facebook. They already have over 1,500 followers, have been listed 28 times, and have over 3,500 fans on Facebook.

Several months ago I discovered that Scott Monty, who is head of Social Media at Ford, has a popular blog where he talks about various things in the Social Media world. Scott Monty has over 26,000 followers on Twitter and he is listed over 2,000 times. He comes from Boston and moved to the Motor City when he was hired by Ford to run their Social Media efforts.

I've mentioned lists or listed a couple of times now and some of you might be wondering what I'm talking about? Twitter recently incorporating a listing functionality that allows you to group people into categories that you create, making it easier to follow the tweets of that group as opposed to looking at all the tweets of all the people that you're following. At the moment you're limited to creating 20 of your own lists, but you can subscribe to lists as well if you see that someone has created a list that you'd like to follow. Listing can be one way of determining how popular a tweeter is or a certain topic is. You might want to check out a post that I recently did on Twitter, where I described it further.

The 2010 Detroit Autoshow runs runs January 11th through the 24th. By the way they also have cars and trucks there.

Photo Credits: Skyline - Detroit, Michigan, U courtesy of LeoSynapse and A real lemon 5
courtesy of andrewatla.
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