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The 2009 Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival 3rd Edition

Welcome to the Third Edition of The 2009 Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival. Thank you for joining us and we hope that you'll find some Holiday Spirit. This is the last edition for 2009 and for those of you that are still looking for the perfect gifts or just some things to do for the holidays, there are several good articles for you this issue. We plan to run the blog carnival again next year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so be sure to check back. We've seen some really nice entries this year and look forward to next year's submissions, where we'll again hope to share with you all stories about how different people celebrate this time of year, family traditions, gift ideas. The Holiday Spirit is not intended to focus only on Christmas, in fact we'd love to to hear how other faiths celebrate holidays that are meaningful to them that occur this time of year. Iit would be great if we can use this time of year to bring people closer together.

Another Somebody presents best online holiday shopping posted at Another Somebody.

Christie Lohr presents Holiday Hotness posted at Christie Lohr.

Joanne presents Cheap Ideas For Christmas Gifts posted at Cheap Ideas For Christmas Gifts.

Peak Personal Finance presents Tips for Better Holiday Shopping posted at Peak Personal Finance.

Eric Gargiulo presents Holidays Gifts and Ideas for Women posted at, saying, "So, I’ve been researching “Holiday gifts for your girlfriend” just to see if my boyfriend is able to find good options for my holiday gift, which is a little selfish, but I want a good gift! And I have to say that a few of the options are fairly decent, and even I would be satisfied with nice jewelry (who wouldn’t) or a cheesy picture frame with a picture of us! There were however, many gifts that I did not think were suitable for the holidays! Holidays are supposed to be fun and although pretty lingerie could be a lot of fun, this isn’t really a gift for your girlfriend….is it fellas?? On a similar note, cooking ware is a household appliance and it’s more of a necessity than a fun holiday gift, so steer clear of kitchen appliances!"

Eric Gargiulo presents Holiday Gift Ideas For Men By A Man posted at, saying, "My girlfriend recently started looking at blogs about holiday shopping ideas for men and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Most of these blogs are written by women who have no clue what men really want as a holiday gift. This inspired me to put some shopping ideas together for men by men."

mmresources presents Free Christmas Postcards posted at Oharas Postcard Junction, saying, "Christmas cards are a great way to spread the holiday cheer. A cost efficient alternative is chistmas postcards, we put together a few free christmas postcards for download."

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Online Shopping Tips To Help You Shop Safely posted at The Digerati Life.

Vera Lang presents How to Knit Christmas Tree Ornaments posted at Fine Craft Guild .com, saying, "These ornaments are both fun to make and fun to give. And, cost (next to) nothing. Classified as super easy, they make a good holiday activity to do with kids. Free patterns and tips to make them successfully provided. Super cute ~ check these out."

Kara Thurmond presents Food as Gifts posted at An Hour In the Kitchen, saying, "I’ve been making gifts for years. Not only do I get to satisfy my ever-present desire to be making something, I also get to avoid the holiday shopping crowds and hopefully create something my friends and family will enjoy."

Kimberly Clay presents Antique Christmas Gifts – Top 3 Antique Christmas Gift Ideas posted at Central Kentucky Antiques and Collectibles.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Ebates Review: Online Rewards, Double Cash Back When You Shop! posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "where to get gifts at cheaper price."

Peak Personal Finance presents Saving Money on Holiday Gifts posted at Peak Personal Finance, saying, "Every extra dollar counts these days!"

Allan Inocente presents 7 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank posted at Rich Money Habits, saying, "Christmas is just around the corner. With all the 13th and 14th month pays being given just before the month of December, everyone enjoys his own “extra” jolt of cash. Suddenly, people have money to spend. Protect your money from unnecessary spending. Discover 7 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank!" presents Drinking App posted at Trimega Laboratories Blog, saying, "The NHS has launched a new phone app to help the health-conscious more accurately calculate the amount of alcohol they are consuming over the festive season"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past and future editions can be found on our
blog carnival index page. I hope that you've enjoyed this edition and we look forward to your next visit. Feel free to submit an article, give us your comments, and spread the Holiday Spirit to others. Please check out the other Blog Carnivals that we run here in addition to the other articles.

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