Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are You Using Ping to Update Your Social Networks?

Are you on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or any of the other ever expanding social networks? If you're on more than one, and there is a good chance that you are, you could probably use a tool to update multiple social networks in one go. Well, maybe is something that you could use.

The social networks that works with

At the moment Ping works with over 30 different social networks. When you set up your account you can decide what accounts you'd like to update as your default and you can send updates to them all at once or you can do individual ones if your update seems more appropriate for one of your social networks. At the moment my default is set to update my profile @ Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and Mashable. Besides the social networks that I've currently set up, you might want to update friendfeed,, tumblr, hi5, bebo, Linkedin, or any of the others that Ping works with.

The message box to enter your updates

Ping allows you to send updates via the web, phone, and email. As you enter your text in the message box (see picture above), it counts down the number of characters that you have left. Since I often use to update twitter, I'm limited to 140 characters on my default setting. As the characters entered approach the limit the counter turns red. After you've completed your update click the "Ping it" button and you update(s) will usually show up within seconds at your social network(s).

What I like best about Ping is that it allows you to easily update your social networks without having to log-on to each one, so you can do it quickly and it is real easy to use. If you don't have a lot of time, it allows you to quickly make updates without getting distracted by all the bells and whistles of many of the social networks.

Why not give a try. Are you using What are you updating with it? Are you using another tool to update your social networks.
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