Thursday, October 30, 2008

Participate in World Savings Day With Your Kids

Every year in October all the kids eagerly await that magical day of the month where...they march to the bank with all their coins so that they can be treated wiith whatever goody their local bank might be offering as part of their World Savings Day promotion. Did you think that I was going to talk about Halloween and trick or treating?

We received an adverticement from one of the local banks about October 30th being World Savings Day and I saw a little segment about it on one of the local morning magazines. I saw an entry in Wikipedia about it but they said it was on October 31st. Whichever day it is, you might want to see if any local banks are offering any special promotion for the event. Even if you don't see a promotion that you wish to particpate in or if the bank that you prefer to use (better locations, terms, or any other appropriate reason) isn't offering any promotions it is good to get an account open for your kids and/or add money to accounts that they already have.

Such a promotion is a good way to get your kids into the habit of saving. A lot of the habits that we pick up as kids stay with us all our lives and making a visit to the local bank to put money into your kids savings accounts can be made into a fun event and can help them to put some positive assocations with savings money. For kids it can be a lot of fun putting any spare change that they find laying around into their piggy banks and it can be fun counting the money that they have collected. They can also get excited about seeing the amount that they put into their accounts show up in deposit receipts and later on in account statements.

Even with all the recent turmolt in the financial markets and with banks, in many countries normal savings accounts have some kind of protection, but to be sure you might want to check to see what is really guaranteed and what isn't. Most kids's piggy banks probably won't have to worry about being over that limit.

Find out if their are any local banks that are doing any special promostions for the World Savings Day that you'd like to participate in. If there aren't why not make up your own special promotion for your kids. So why not participate in World Savings Day with your kids and help them to develope and attitude that saving is fun, and why shouldn't it be?

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