Sunday, September 14, 2008

Remembering September Eleventh

"Twin Towers III" courtesy of mrgoose

I did a post remembering David W. Laychak at the DC Heron Family Blog, in honor of the Seventh Anniversary of September 11th. I did this as part of Project 2996, which is dedicated to remembering the victims of September 11th. I do hope that you'll check it out. David's brother, Jim Laychak, is president of the Pentagon Memorial Fund, which held an opening dedication ceremony on Thursday to the victims of the attack on the Pentagon. Last I read, the memorial fund was several million short of what it needs to operate, so feel free to donate here. I realize that the accompanying photos are of the World Trade Center, but they're nice photos and I didn't run across any good photos of the Pentagon that I could use.

"NYC Towers" courtesy of RasmusA
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