Friday, November 7, 2014

The 11th Annual International Project Management Day Is Here.

Did you attend or are you planning on attending the 2014 IIL International Project Management Day? This is the 11th annual event hosted by IIL.It is a great opportunity for Project Managers from around the world to get together virtually, network and learn. Yesterday was the opening day with live presentations, recorded presentations, and more, but the event is open through November 21st.

I received and email from E. Laverne Johnson (IIL Founder, President and CEO) yesterday where it was stated that their have been more than 75,000 registrants! This event provides some great opportunities to network with other Project Managers from around the world. In fact, there is a "Networking Lounge" and an "Exhibition Hall", providing the opportunity to network and learn about this year's event sponsors.

If you're a PM and you have one or more certifications from PMI then chances are that you're always looking for PDUs  (Professional Development Units) towards your recertification. Between the Keynotes (live yesterday and now replay available) and the recorded sessions, you have a chance to earn up to 12 PDUs. These are available through November 21st. You will probably want to check out the "How to Claim PDUs" and download "2014_Video_Presentation_Tracker" to record what sessions you've attended.

There are several sessions available to view. I watched Dr. Harald Kerzner's "Changing Times: Growth of Project Management 2.0".  I also noticed a Sustainability thread running through a few of of the presentations, with IIL opening up a Sustainability unit. Greg Balestero, Nathalie Udo, and Jennifer Tharp and presentations dealing with Sustainability. Greg and Nathalie wrote a book together about Sustainability and are very much involved in ILL's new Sustainability unit. Greg made the point that Sustainability was just about "tree huggers" anymore that successful companies that are forward thinking are beginning to see the importance, not only for the environment but that in the coming years it will become imperative for businesses to focus on sustainability to survive and thrive. Jennifer Tharp mentioned some recent disasters and how these were all projects at one time and we now need to plan many of these things into our projects and that as a PM you do have more influence in this area than you might think. You don't have to worry, not all of the presentations are focused on Sustainability, there is a wide range of interesting subject worth checking out.

I attended  the International Project Management Day last year for the first time, so I already had experience with an international virtual conference. I'm also interested in connecting with fellow Project Managers out there, feel free to connect with me in the various Social Spaces. You can find my various profiles here. I'd would appreciate something indicating some kind of context when you connect with me (or anyone else). So why not indicate that you attended the conference?

Many of the presentations are available for download in the "PowerPoint Slides" area that you can find by clicking on the "DIRECTORY" in the upper left-hand corner of the website, where they can be downloaded (this will vary depending upon which web browser you use). You'll also want to check out the documents in the "Briefcase" . This allows you to review the material provided later on.

I hope that you'll take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get up to 12 PDUs. You have two weeks, so that gives you a lot of opportunity to view the material available. Thank you to the IIL and the sponsors for organizing this event!

The Future is not yet written, Let's build it together!

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