Friday, January 17, 2014

Spectacular Speaking: Warsaw 2014

You may be surprised that public speaking continually shows up as the number one fear of people when they're surveyed, yes, even more than snakes or death.  Maybe you don't have a fear of public speaking but want to bring your speaking and presentation skills to the next level, then, we have the event for you. Spectacular Speaking is holding a two day event in Warsaw, Poland on March 14th and 15th.

Olivia Schofield won the coveted prize of top woman speaker at The World Championship of Public Speaking, founded Spectacular Speaking.  She will be joined by John Zimmer, who is a 5 time European Champion of Public Speaking; Florian Mueck, charismatic speaker extraordinarie, delivering keynote speeches and moderating events in English, Spanish, and German; Peter Zinn, who did 7 years of improvisational  theater before turning to public speaking, he uses storytelling to get complex messages across; Tobias Rodriguez, who is a communication and conflict resolution specialist; and Jerzy Zientokowski, the founder of Speakers Lair, offering training and workshops in Poland.  These six dynamic speakers will work with you to bring your public speaking into the stratosphere.

You will come away with concrete tips on:

  • The proper way to prepare a speech or presentation
  • The structure of a solid presentation
  • Techniques for crafting and delivering a compelling story
  • Designing an engaging slide presentation
  • Using the stage effectively
  • Finding your unique voice
  • Creating convincing arguments and influential strategies 
  • And more!

On the first day you'll learn the triggers for successful public speaking, getting tips from the experts.  On the second day you'll get to put the theory into practice.

This is a rare opportunity to learn public speaking tips from the best and to actually get to use them.  Get more details at the Spectacular Speaking website. I hope to see you in Warsaw on March 14th and 15th.
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