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The 2010 Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival 2nd Edition

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and welcome to the Second Edition (and final edition) of The 2010 Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival (for this year). I'm glad that you've taken time out of your busy holiday schedule to spend a little of it with us!

For a lot of people this has been a hard year (maybe even the past few years) so many people will be happy to see it go and look forward to the next year with anticipation but now is a good time to also look back at the year and think about the good things that have happened (as well as the things that you might want to change). I've lost two uncles this years, so I'm reminded that all our lives on this planet are temporary and that we do need to let our loved ones know how much they mean to us.

I hope that you're able to spend the holidays with family and friends. Maybe you can even invite that lonely colleague that you know will be spending the holidays by him/herself to spend some of the holidays with you and your celebrations. Having been that colleague once in my life, I can tell you that you can sure make someone feel great if you invite them (even if it turns out that the already have plans and can't join you).

I've been happy with many of the submissions for this year's Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival and look forward to seeing all the great entries next year. My wife wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving this year within some of the holiday dishes she is preparing since I had to work on the American Thanksgiving this year (I have taken it off several times in the past) she wanted to make a pecan pie yesterday but had to settle for walnuts, but boy was it good! That reminds me that there were entries on Mexican food blogs and Pizza blogs. I'd love to see more recipes for those holiday favorites of yours. In the first issue this year there was an entry that talked about blogs on Kosher living, so hopefully I can learn a little more about Jewish living and I hope that next year we can learn more about Muslim and other holidays that we can include in the holiday spirit. It would be great if we can use this time of year to bring people closer together.

This year there are even more ways to celebrate the holidays. is celebrating the holidays from December 1st right up till the new year breaking around the globe. They're holding a Happy Holidays event sponsored by the "If Music Be The Food Of Love....Play on!" group. Why not take a break from your holiday shopping and craziness and stop by? Have thoughts of a snow covered castle gone through your mind? Then maybe you might want to check out their "Castles of the World" group. Do you have a favorite holiday recipe, then why not share it with the Holiday Spirit and Globaljammez's "International Recipe Exchange" group?

Go grab a beverage of choice (warm or cold), enjoy the fire, and lets celebrate the holidays!

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That concludes the final edition this year. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival next year using our carnival submission form. Past and future editions can be found on our
blog carnival index page. I hope that you've enjoyed this edition and we look forward to your next visit. Feel free to submit an article, give us your comments, and spread the Holiday Spirit to others. Look for The Holiday Spirit Blog Carnival to return around Thanksgiving 2011. Be sure to check out our other blog carnivals as well as our other posts. Happy Holidays everyone and I hope that 2011 is a great year for you and your family.

Photo credit: "fireplace 2" courtesy of michalina.

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