Friday, November 26, 2010

Coming: John Lennon- Imagine

December 8th, marks the 30th Anniversary of John Lennon's Death. How do you pay tribute to John Lennon? If your you host a week plus of onlne radio shows honoring the memory of this musical great and since is a social network for music lovers, they'll be sharing their thoughts and memories about John Lennon and you can join in on the conversation sharing your thoughts and memories about John. You can join us in the chatroom when we're hosting the online shows. Of, course you can also play your favorite John Lennon and Beatles songs right along with Globaljammerz on @IMAGINE.

Be sure to check out the Fab Four, the Globaljammerz group for Bealtes fans, where you can connect with other Beatles fans and share your thoughts and memories about John Lennon. You can join us at the Globaljammerz Events page for more details about the various things that we have planned. In Facebook you can join us at the Globaljammerz Facebook group.

If you're you're a member of any kind of Beatles fan club or organization we'd love to have you join us, be sure to let your friends that are Beatles fans know as well. It doesn't cost anything to join Globaljammerz, so why not check them out? If you do decide to join be sure to mention that Darryl Heron sent you.

Globaljammerz is running the John Lennon Imagine event from December 3rd through December 12th, Just imagine the life that was and the life that could have been. We hope to see you there.

Photo credit: The John Lennon photo that appears above is part of a discussion at the Fab Four group at Globalammerz and can be found along with some other John Lennon photos here.
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