Friday, April 30, 2010

April Edition of The Family Life Blog Carnival

Welcome to the April 2010 edition of the Family Life Blog Carnival. This is the first edition of the Family Life Blog Carnival for 2010. We've decided to put the Better Life Blog Carnival on hold for a while so that we're hosting only the Family Life and Productivity And GTD Blog Carnivals (with the Holiday Spirit being published from around Thanksgiving through Christmas). We're very pleased with the number of submissions that we received for this edition. Thank you to everyone that submitted articles (those that were selected for this edition as well as those that weren't). We have a variety of topics in this edition, all with the intent of making your family life better. Even if you're a family of one or a couple of with no kids, you're likely to find something useful.


Cat Erickson presents Are Men and Women Really From Different Planets? posted at World Redress.

Emma presents Grandparents… a helping hand or a real handful? posted at Baby-Log.

Dina-Marie Oswald presents Date Your Man: Part 2 « Dimes2Vines posted at Dimes2Vines, saying, "After 25 years of marriage and 10 children, my husband and I still love each other. Here are some of the things I do to let him know he is still my #1!"


Debbie Foster presents Dog Training Support That Works For Both You and Your Dog posted at Pet Prattle and Products.

Debbie Foster presents Pets and Seniors posted at Pet Prattle and Products.

Education & Learning

Anthony Stewart presents Top 50 Blogs for Accountants posted at Online Accounting Colleges.

Money & Saving

Debt kid presents 7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Save When All You Want to Do Is Spend posted at DebtKid.

Debt kid presents 9 Rules To Get Out Of Debt posted at DebtKid.

Florine Church presents The Psychology of Spending Money: 25 Tricks You Need to Know posted at Career Overview. presents How To Save Cash on Summer Camp posted at Billeater.

Fun Projects

RichardUP presents Make your own Wanted Poster for Family Fun posted at Online Poster Printing Blog.


Mia Taylor presents 100 Amazing Buildings Every Architecture Buff Should See posted at Construction Management Degrees, saying, "The buildings listed in the article are arranged chronologically by date of completion, stand as pillars of human artistic and engineering innovation and remain must-sees for anyone who enjoys studying, photographing, or simply soaking in the wonder that the greatest works of architecture inherently contain."


Shakira Dawn presents 5 Excellent iPhone Apps for New Moms posted at Online RN to MSN Programs, saying, "Here is a list of five excellent iPhone apps for new moms that will surely help them lighten their workload, and bring a smile to their faces."

Isabella Smith presents Top 100 Online Tools for the DIY Homeowner posted at Construction Management Degrees, saying, "The following websites offer up some excellent tools and resources on everything from personal finances to improvement projects and even craft patterns for home décor in order to inspire and educate homeowners interested in doing as much as they can for themselves."

MyMaria presents weekly menu planning posted at Menu Planning, saying, "I've found that weekly menu planning is one of the best ways to save money and ensure a family meal every night."

We hope that you've enjoyed this edition the Family Life Blog Carnival. You can submit your blog article(s) to the next edition of the Family Life Blog Carnival using our carnival submission form. Links to past posts and the dates of future scheduled editions can be found on our blog carnival index page. starts. Don't forget about the other blog carnivals run here (The Carnival of Productivity And GTD, and coming around Thanksgiving, HolidaySpirit Blog Carnival), as well as the normal articles appearing here and our other blog.

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