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Blog Action Day 2007

Welcome to Blog Action Day 2007. The last time that I look 12,000 bloggers registered for this event, with a reach of over 11,000,000 people. This year the theme being discussed and promoted is the environment. You might have heard of Earth Day? You can read about the history of Earth Day at Wikipedia. The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas is credited with saying “Who Speaks for the trees?” While concern for the environment is not a new idea, it is encouraging that interest in the environment is picking up steam with more and more businesses becoming involved and finding that it can be profitable to care about the environment. I was overwhelmed when putting this post together, at one point I had more than ten pages of links!

Here are web sites tagged as “green” at I’m not sure how many there are but there are over 100!

Green living toolbox from Mashable- over 80 sites related to the environment. It divided up into sites on carbon footprint caculators and carbon offset; search engines, directory and guides; games; communities; networking and dating; environmental projects, charities, blogs, and other resources. There are a lot of useful links in one location.

Articles of Interest…

How to green your electronics from Tree Hugger

Easy to be green.

Go green guides from Tree Hugger.

100 ways to save the environment

50 things to do to stop global warming.

Building a green pc.

Environmental stories on Digg

From BBC a whole was discovered in the ozone over Antarctica that is said to be twice as big as Europe.

Environmental movies at the IMDB Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth isn’t the only movie with a theme about the environment that you can watch.

Breathing Earth- multimedia presentation about CO2 production and population growth.

Adopt the Sky- a multimedia site where you can adopt parts of the sky.

Carbon Footprint Calculators, Other Calculators, and Carbon Offsets

The Carbon Diet- You can track your carbon footprint on a day to day basis and compare your usage with friends.

The Nature Conservancy- Can help you calculate your carbon usage based on home energy, driving & flying, food & diet, and recycling & waste.

zerofoot- Helps individuals, organizations, and cities reduce their environmental impact. They have a goal of getting one million people to reduce their impact by ten percent per year

Yahoo green- A carbon footprint calculator and other resources from the folks at yahoo

Ecological Foot Print Quiz- Let you determine how much “nature” your lifestyle requires

Some Green Search Engines

EcoSeek- A search engine for all things green

Greener- Environmental search engine

Green Maven- A search engine green directory powered by Google

GoodSearch A search engine donating 50% of it’s profits to a charity that you select (they have over 40,000 that you can pick from)

Online Environmental Games

ElectroCity Online game teaching about energy, sustainability and environmental management by building virtual cities and towns.

KyotoPotato A trading game designed to make energy efficiency more fun

Myabodo An interactive toy that lets you create a house to your liking. You can change things and see how it affects the climate


AlternativeE- A website for sharing news related to renewable and alternative energy that allows users to vote for stories (like Digg for alternative energy)

Green Option- An online blog, wiki, forum and news site for everything green.

The Nature Conservatory Groupspace- online community from The Nature Conservatory

NetSquared- An online community helping non-profits and non-governmental organizations use the internet to extend their reach

GoodTree- Online community about idealism and effecting positive change

Hooze- Community-built site for publishing useful info about the sustainability of companies and products I believe that the name is the way that “Who is” sounds.

Sustainlane- User reviews of natural, organic, and green products and companies.

Gusse- A global community for collaborating on ideas for sustainable cities

EarthLab Foundation- A climate crisis community for people interested in being more environmentally friendly.

Gigoit- A swapping network for finding things you need (want) or giving away what you don’t need (want)

Make Me Sustainable- A manager for reducing your carbon footprint rolled into a social community

Networking and Dating

idealist - Find people, ideas and resources worldwide and get involved.

Earth Wise Singles - A dating site for singles who are passionate about green living and sustainable lifestyles.

VeggieDate - An online vegetarian dating service.

dharmaMatch - A dating service that matches based on your beliefs, values and spirituality.

Green Drinks - Networking opportunities internationally for people who work in the environmental field.

GishiGo - A ride sharing network that connects riders and drivers.

pooln - A carpooling community with a social-networking approach.

GoLoco - Quickly arrange ride shares between friends, neighbors, and colleagues (it also helps you share trip costs online).

Environmental Projects

Tree-Nation - An online community that’s aiming to plant 8 million trees in the shape of a heart in Africa. They also have a news section and other resources.

Step It Up - A movement being organized online that will be a call for action to political leaders to address key priorities to stop global warming.

Google Earth Outreach - A Google Earth application that allows charities and non-profits to map what they’re doing on Google Earth for the world to see.


World Changing - A group blog with tons of great articles on every topic (there’s also a World Changing book available in print).

Treehugger - Easily the most popular environmental blog out there.

earth2tech - A technology-focused green blog from GigaOM.

Gombe Chimpanzee Blog - A blog from the Jane Goodall Institute that also includes a Google Earth mashup with information about the Institute.

Other Resources

GreenPrint Application for printing that removes unwanted pages, saving trees (and money) They’re currently donating a tree for every copy sold and they’re currently involved in a Million Tree March and they will double the trees up to March 31, 2008

green tv - An all-green TV station online.

Hotel Chatter Green Hotels Map - A Google maps mashup that shows the best green hotels in the U.S. on a map.

BBB Wise Giving Alliance - Reports and evaluations on charitable organizations.

Clean & Green a handy guide for using environmental safe cleaning products.

Green Living- its green and fashionable

Sustainable Travel International A travel guide offering carbon offsets

Green Building Blocks A green building products and service directory providing information on green building techniques with ways to promote your business

Lime A green guide to life with online TV, radio, mobile, podcasts, and shopping

Green Building Studio Online tools for green builders, engineers, building products manufacturers and architects A resource of green companies and brands

Evolist- A directory of eco-friendly and socially responsible businesses that are coming soon. They have a blog and a Facebook application.

Approdedia- A sustainability wiki.

PlayGreen- A green living wiki.

I hope that you’ll find some of the links provided useful. If you would like to post your thoughts or would like to provide some of those links that I didn’t include, please be sure to leave a comment. Be sure to read some of the other blogs from the Blog Action Day.

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